Exploring your publishing options

As A Cappela Publishing states on their website “There is not one right way to publish”. So how do we as writers decide on which publishing option will work best for us?

The first step should be to think about your goals for the book. You should include in this both the monetary and emotional as this will give you a clearer idea of where you see it going.

You will probably also want to consider the genre of your book which will in many cases cut down your research as not all genres are suitable for all publishers.

It’s also wise to work out how much time and effort you plan to put into the marketing and promotional side of publishing your book. Keep in mind though that which ever route you choose you will probably have to do at least some.

In her article at Ezine Articles Olga Kellen compares the following publishing options and also takes a look at important factors like how much each route costs and how you market your book:

--Conventional publishing
--Vanity or subsidy publishing
--Print-on-demand publishing
--Self-publish yourself
--Get help with self-publishing

http://www.simonteakettle.com/options.htm has a great break down of the advantages and disadvantages to each publishing choice for quick and easy reference.

There are a lot of books offering advice and information about the different publishing options available today e.g. 

Disclaimer: Writers and Authors is not connected to any of the books listed and offers them solely to provide ideas of books that may help.


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