Interview with Thomas Palfy

  • Please tell us a bit about your latest book.
My latest book "The funny side of lung cancer" is about my experiences in the hospital, it also recounts some epizodes from my life.  First and foremost it is a message to people in adversity - never give up hope! This book is quite a departure from my previous works, photo-essays, Australian travel journals and my digital camera guidebook.
  • Originally from Hungary, how did you end up writing about Australia?
Following the surpression of the 1956 Hungarian uprising some 200,000 people escaped to the West, in search of a new life. I was one of them. Since 1957 I have been living in Australia, most of the time in Melbourne. I studied industrial chemistry, worked in the plastics industry for some 45 years. After my retirement in 2002, I became a writer-photographer. My illustrated books contain information about the wildlife, nature, National Parks and many other tourist attractions of Australia.
  • When you're not writing, you're a keen photographer. How do you blend these two passions?
I have been taking photographs since the age of about 13. First it was a hobby, but later (much later) I attended several courses on photography to improve my skills. My wife and I have travelled all over Australia and taken many photos. Once back in Melbourne, I might sit down and write a book selecting the best photographs for the illustrations. I do not limit photography to travel photos, I might just go out to our garden and take photos there or approach interesting people and ask them to model for me for a portrait.
  • Do you have any tips for others wanting to enter this genre?
My recommendation can be condensed into one word: perseverance!
  • How do you market your books?
My books are published through the Internet publishers Lulu and CreateSpace. My most important marketing tool is the press release, there are several press release sites on the Internet. Why, even this particular interview is part of the marketing strategy!
  • Where can people find out more about you and your work?
On my website - the site has links to my books and to some of my photos as well.
  • Anything else you'd like to add?
Thank you for the opportunity you have given me to talk to you!


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