Amazon bestseller campaigns

What author doesn't want to be able to say their book is a bestseller? Having your book become a bestseller on Amazon, one of the largest and most famous online bookstores in the world, can be achieved by organising an Amazon Bestseller Campaign.

Basically what this involves is getting a large number of people to purchase your book from the Amazon website on the same day. This will increase your ranking on the site and give you bestseller status.

Steve Weber, author of Plug Your Book! Online Book Marketing for Authors, offers some great information about amazon bestseller campaigns on his website
Two good ones are; Amazon bestseller campaigns, do they work? Is it cheating? and Should I market my book with an Amazon Bestseller Campaign?

Ezine article How to create a successful Amazon Bestseller Campaign by Karen Reddick gives you a checklist to help ensure your campaign will be successful.

As you can imagine, there are lots of companies out there that promise to give you a successful campaign for a paid fee. Look into all your options before making a decision though. D.I.Y. can be just as good if you know the right people in the right places.


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