Site of Interest: Live to Write - Write to Live

This weeks site of interest is entitled Live to Write-Write to Live, this is the home of the New Hampshire Writers Network.  

Although the site is still fairly new it's already packed full of great posts that both inspire and educate. 

Categories on site include:


Who We Are
We are writers. Most of us live in or near New Hampshire.
We are not a critique group. We are a networking group focusing on the business of writing. Our key goal is to help ourselves and each other plan better, market better and sell our work.
We are passionate about writing; we live to write.
We write to live; writing is not just a hobby for us. We are professionals; making part or all of our living as writers. We warmly welcome newcomers who are trying to break into the business.  We are here to support anyone who makes all or part of their living as a writer or aspires publication. 
The group is open to men and women. While we meet in Concord NH, we welcome writers from other states and countries. We are rapidly developing a robust blog  and filling it with information, resources and advice.
What We Do
We meet monthly (except in the summer). Our meetings are informal, offer opportunities to learn and share ideas. Most of our meetings feature guest speakers.
A variety of editors present their publications and share information, tips and trends. Coaches and consultants lead workshops on a variety of topics from personal branding and selling to goal setting, planning and getting organized.
We are currently building out our blog  and loading it with resources, tips and information for writers.  Members are invited to guest post on the blog. In the future we hope to put together a showcase our members. For now we’re running just as fast as we can!

A great resource for writers! Well worth a visit


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