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This weeks site of interest is

Grammarly is an automated proofreader and personal grammar coach. You can use it to check
your writing for grammar, punctuation, style and instantly enhance your texts. 

Grammarly offers paid subscriptions for their services but does give a free 7 day trial so you can try it out first and see if it's right for you.

Features and Benefits

150+ Grammar Checks Check your text for use of grammar rules you never knew existed. Get accurate error explanations and correct grammar.
Plagiarism Detection Find borrowed text before it gets you into trouble. Automatically generate references.
Vocabulary Enhancement Use words that make an impact. Liven up your sentences and improve readability with context-optimized word choice suggestions.
Contextual Spell Check Spot correctly spelled words used in the wrong context. No more embarrassing typos like then-than, to-two-too, lose-loose.

Grammarly vs. Other Products

Grammarly Other Products

100% Web-Based Solution
150+ Grammar Checks
Comprehensive Error Explanations
Plagiarism Checker
with Automated Reference Creator
Vocabulary Enhancement
Unique Grammar Checks:
Dangling Modifiers
Faulty Parallelism
Run-on Sentences and Comma Splices  
Subject –Verb Agreement  


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