Interview with Jennifer Brown

You  were an editor for your high school newspaper and wrote for your college newspaper too. Do you think these experiences have helped your writing career?
   It has definitely helped not only in getting more experience but in teaching responsibility too. There were deadlines, and being entertainment editor meant being responsible for putting together the layout for the  entertainment section so I got some early computer experience too in that regard. Even though it was on an old Apple computer, 16 years ago.
·  What genre do you write and why?
    I grew up reading mysteries, and nothing else ever captivated me as much. I love writing suspense, because you have the mystery component as well as a little more edge. There’s always a plot twist that leaves you wanting to keep turning the page even though you just finished reading a chapter, and know you need to be getting up and letting the dog out, or taking out the trash.
·  Tell us a bit about your latest book 'In Jen's Words: Facing the Issues'.
     In Jen’s Words: Facing the Issues is the first of a series, about siblings Jacob, Justin, and Jennifer Barnes. After a car wreck claims their parent’s lives, Jacob takes custody of his younger brother and sister at only 22. Eventually as they grow older, Jen is raped and Justin takes the fall for paralyzing her accused rapist. Just as everything seems to be going well, Jacob takes a run for mayor as Jen gets a book contract and Justin is released from prison. Jacob’s election ends up bringing someone out of the woodwork who wants the past remembered though…and is willing to use his little sister to make them face the issues they never thought they'd have to...let alone want to. 
·  The book is released with Shadowline Press. How did you find them and would you recommend them to other writers?
     I came across Shadowline Press on Facebook. I researched their site and they sounded perfect for what I had written. I would encourage other writers to not only submit to them, but many publishers and thoroughly do research before you make a decision on who to sign with. I am honored to be a part of Shadowline, they did wonderful cover art for me and I am looking forward to a great publishing future with them.
·  You are part of a group called Authors for Humanity. Please tell us a bit about it and what you do?
     Authors for Humanity is a group I started in hopes to compile different books of short stories submitted by various authors of various genres. We compiled a book for Haiti and raised over 25 dollars in royalty money to be donated to them. We are now working to put together a book for helping with the oil spill clean up. I think it’s a great way to help different causes doing something I love. There is a site on Facebook  for  Authors for Humanity, as well as a twitter you can follow You can also see the official site at
·  Where can people find out more about you and your work?
     I am on Facebook at, myspace @, twitter @, and of course my official site I also have a page on Facebook you can like,
·  Anything else you'd like to add? 
   I hope everyone gets a chance to check out my new book. I've already over halfway completed the second book and hope to submit it within the next year. I'd also like to thank Jo Linsdell-Feliciani for the chance to be interviewed on Writers and Authors.


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