W&A Writing Contest coming soon

To give writers the chance to show off their talents, I'm organising the first W&A writers contest.

The topic is 'A writers life'.

There will be two categories; short story (max 1500 words) and poetry.

Judges will be members from different aspects of the writing industry. There will be prizes (to be confirmed) for the winners. The contest is open to everyone (except the judges ;)). Entries can be sent in the body of an email with 'writing contest' in the subject line. No attachments please.

In summary, this is how it works:
  • Writers send in their short story/poem (one entry per person).
  • Entries are posted to the site and voted on by general public to get top 5 in each category.
  • Top 5's are then voted on by the judges
  • Winners get sent prizes, have pieces showcased on the website and get a fab winners badge to post to their own sites.
Start working on your entry now to be in with a chance of winning. Also remember this site is often visited by publishing companies too. This could be your chance to shine and grab their attention!

More details coming soon.


  1. Hi Jo
    This looks really good! :))
    What is the deadline for the contest! Is it open to all comers - published, unpublished, age limit?
    Best regards

  2. Sounds great. Let me know when it is and PLEASE change "organising" to "organizing."

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Sorry Carol, I'm British and so write it with an 'S' :)

    Deadline for entries is 31st July 2010. No age limit. short stories/poems should be unpublished pieces. Contest open to all (except judges and prize givers).


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