Site of Interest: Writing Roads

This weeks site of interest is 

Excellent posts that give tips and advice mixed with insight into a writers life. Well worth a read.

The site is run by Julie Roads.

"I (Julie Roads) am a freelance marketing copywriter specializing in web content and blogging. I also ghostwrite books, articles, company blogs and the like. I bring ideas, people and products to light by telling their stories.

And, I’m a social marketer – creating, concepting, managing and producing campaigns using blogger relations, social media networking, Twitter, et al – at this point, writing, existing online and social media are inextricably linked. Most recently, I did this for the film based on the international best-seller, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo."


  1. Hi Jo,
    I tried visiting this site but it says "error, page not found"
    Do you have an alternate address?
    Thank you!

  2. try


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