Interview with Folake Taylor

Tell us a bit about your book 'The only way it up'
It is a self help motivational book that addresses such issues like identity, self esteem, self worth, success, relationships and family, finding a mate, being single, weight, diet, nutrition, teenage pregnancies, single parenthood, the absence of fathers and so much more.

Who should read this book and why? 
It targets women in general, African Americans and Immigrants. I have had a positive response from all ages ranging from teenage girls to middle aged males. Many men have come up to me and said it's a book for everybody and not just women. My professional reviews have also been good. It speaks to several facets of life and communicates many basic principles. To some, it's a learning experience. To others, it's a reminder of what they used to know and somehow lost sight of.

You supply a Reading Group Guide for the book on your website. Do you think this helps increase sales? other benefits? 
I am not sure about helping increase sales but I believe it may be more appealing to book clubs with a reading group guide. The focus of the guide is actually the issues that will not immediately jump at you from the pages of the book. I penned these after having an insaightful converstaion with someone who had a minor criticism which enlightened me to the fact that though her perception was not accurate, there are people like her who will see exactly that and that only.

What other marketing tools have you used? 
Blogs, Social networking such as facebook and twitter, word of mouth, website, radio interviews, membership of author sites and several online channels as well as ning networks.

You have a daughter. Do you have any tips for other writer mums? 
My main suggestion is to not put your writing over family. Do your domestic duties, put your kids to bed and then write. Alternatively you could wake up early and write or write when they're in school or when on break from your other job. Remember that your family needs you so try not to be so consumed with your passion for writing that nothing else matters.

Where can people find out more about you and your work?
F.Taylor on facebook
@folaketaylor on twitter

Anything else you'd like to add? 
The book is available on, my website and distributed by Ingram. I can be reached at Thank you for hosting me for this interview.


  1. Thank you for hosting me on your blog Jo. Much appreciated!

  2. Thanks for sharing your writing with us and for offering suggestions with your new book. I look forward to passing along your insight about how writers can find balance between the hobby and family time.

  3. Thanks for stopping by Dawn. It is a hard balance but a necessary one! And it is different when you're not a full time writer or blogger. Priorities. Hard to master!


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