Site of Interest: Novel Doctor is this weeks site of interest.

This site is not only written in an entertaining manner but also contains some really good tips and insights into the writing industry.

I personally was hooked just after reading the side bar (the posts however are equally as good so don't limit yourselves;))

The site quotes :
 "Some people learn best from step by step instruction. This blog isn't for them".

In his introduction to himself, Stephen (the owner of the site) says this:

"Who am I? Well, my name is Stephen Parolini. And I’m an editor. I’ve been editing for more than 20 years – everything from curriculum to study guides to self-help books to fiction. I even had a two-year stint as a columnist for a bi-weekly trade publication in the video game industry. So, yeah, I’ve got a diverse resume. Why, then, is this site dedicated primarily to fiction?

The short answer: I love fiction. Also, I’m pretty good at editing it.

For most of the past 20 years I’ve been a freelance editor, collaborating with a variety of publishing houses and individuals on books of all kinds. In the world of non-fiction, I’ve worked in varying editorial capacities on books by Donald Miller, David Crowder and Warren Wiersbe. I’ve edited novels by the brilliant Greg Garrett as well as Christy Award nominees Jeffrey Overstreet and Richard Doster. I am particularly drawn to contemporary general market novels with a literary bent. Well, that and science fiction. And fantasy. And just about everything else. I like my books the same way I like my music – I don’t care what genre label it wears, if it’s good, I’ll read it.

The bottom line is that I love well-told stories. And the line just above that is that I like helping writers tell their stories well. Guess that’s why I’m an editor".

 Well worth a visit!


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