Site of Interest: Claudia Del Balso, Writer

Writer, Claudia Del Balso has a great site offering inspiration and help to new writers.

About Claudia
Work as a Book Publicity Marketing Assistant. In my spare time, I write short stories. Currently working on my own anthology and my first novel. I have published five short stories (one of them received the Award of Excellence). Edited two books for Garev Publishing International.

Why the site is worth visiting
She posts about topics of interest to writers and offers great advice and tips. Recent posts include:

Creating characters for your audience not yourself

Unleash your creativity

Finish your novel in four simple steps

How to write a successful thriller

Advice for Self-Published Authors

All posts are well written and easy to follow. The side bar is also worth checking out as it has lists of literary events and links for writers.






  1. Jo,
    Thank you for recommending my site to your readers. I really appreciate it. I hope my new visitors find my site useful and inspiring. Cheers!


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