3 great free resources for writers

Nifty FREE gadgets to help writers in their promotional efforts:

http://www.odiogo.com/ Add voice to your blog posts or make your posts available as a podcast on itunes etc...

http://bookbuzzr.com/ flippable book covers to offer a sample of your book.

www.cincopa.com various gadgets using photo's available.  Slideshows etc...

Do you know any other good ones?




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Video: Getting Support for Your Writing

Tips from Jurgen Wolff, author of "Your Writing Coach," on how to get your family and friends to support your writing. For more information, see www.yourwritingcoach.com and the writing blog, www.timetowrite.blogs.com.

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Review: Authors Access- 30 Success Secrets for Authors and Publishers

Title: Authors Access: 30 Success Secrets for Authors and Publishers
Authors: Victor R. Volkman, Irene Watson & Tyler R. Tichelaar
Publisher: Modern History Press
ISBN-13: 978-1-932690-98-9

Reviewed by Jo Linsdell

Victor R. Volkman, of Loving Healing Press Inc., teams up with Irene Watson and Tyler R. Tichelaar to provide this fantastic collection of information and advice taken from the Authors Access Podcasts.

Authors Access recorded 75 shows and reached an audience of 500 authors and publishers each week since starting in 2006 and helped fill the void of publishing podcasts. This book promises to be just as successful.

Covering a variety of topics including, to name a few, the craft of writing, editing your work and exploiting the writing market. It even has information about new technology like Kindle. Authors Access is a must have for anyone working in the writing industry.

Straight forward and easy to follow. Each chapter ends with a listing of the related podcasts airdate, url and the authors sites making it simple to follow up or research further.

The only downside to this book is that it left me wanting more. The authors and contributors to this book really know what they are talking about and I’ll definitely be on the waiting list for volume 2!

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Site of Interest: Claudia Del Balso, Writer

Writer, Claudia Del Balso has a great site offering inspiration and help to new writers.


About Claudia
Work as a Book Publicity Marketing Assistant. In my spare time, I write short stories. Currently working on my own anthology and my first novel. I have published five short stories (one of them received the Award of Excellence). Edited two books for Garev Publishing International.

Why the site is worth visiting
She posts about topics of interest to writers and offers great advice and tips. Recent posts include:

Creating characters for your audience not yourself

Unleash your creativity

Finish your novel in four simple steps

How to write a successful thriller

Advice for Self-Published Authors

All posts are well written and easy to follow. The side bar is also worth checking out as it has lists of literary events and links for writers.





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Interview with Pat McCarthy

You write childrens books. Do you think your past as a school teacher helps?  
Yes, I definitely think my years of teaching helped me to become a children's writer. I taught several grades, so am familiar with what kids can read at different ages and also what their interests are.

You've had 14 books published by 4 different publishing houses. How do you select which publishers to query?  
Actually, Baseline Development and Trillium are more like book packagers than publishers. They find people to write books to go with curriculum series. I usually select publishers by using Childern's Writers and Illustrators Market and ICL market guide, Book Markets for Children. I look to see who is publishing books that are similar to the ones I want to sell.

Do you have any tips for other writers wanting to write for children?
Read LOADS of children's books in the age range and genre you want to write for. Spend time with children in that age range. Hone your writing till it's polished. There is so much help available online now. When I started, I learned most of what I know from reading books. Kept the Writer's Digest Book Club in business for years! Also keep sending things out and never give up. Persistence is very important.

You often speak at schools and other organisations. Do you find this helps sell more books?
I usually sell a few books at school visits, and also my fee certainly helps out.

Tell us a bit about the programs you offer?
I offer a program on how an idea becomes a book, which traces all the steps from idea to publication. I also do a program on Pioneer Life, with a  Powerpoint program of photos from the book. And I have a program, also with Powerpoint, on Colonial leaders I've written about.

I recently read on your blog that you won the Best of the Best Book Award from Chicago Public Library. This event ended up with a newspaper feature. How important do you think it is for a writers career that they win awards?  
My book wasn't the sole winner of this award. It's a list they make up each year of what they consider were the best children's books the year before. That's the first award I've won. It got me some recognition, but I don't know that it will do anything for my career. I think the books should sell better in the Chicago area because of being on the list.

Where can people find out more about you and your work?
I have a minimal website, which is mainly for people looking for an author to give school programs. It's at www.authorpatmccarthy.com  That sounds a little pretentious, but patmccarthy.com was already taken! Also a blog, which I update sporadically. It's at http://patmccarthysauthorblog.blogspot.com 

Anything else you'd like to add?
I'm always looking for more school visits and also publishers who publish biographies.
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Great tool for creating electronic publications

Another great website offering service to writers. 


An easy way to product magazines, books, comics and brochures. It's free to use too.


About myebook 

myebook aims to revolutionise the way we create, publish and share ebook content online. Built on a feature-rich social platform, complete with powerful, browser-based, builder software, and a slick reader environment, there's never been an easier way for anyone and everyone to 'get it out there'. 

With myebook.com, we've made it possible for anyone to upload, or create from scratch, beautifully simple or adventurously complex page designs and covers online, in no time. What's more, you can publish your book with a single button and release it to the world before the (virtual) ink's dry! You can create as many publications as you want. And it's all free.

myebook, currently available as full-featured beta release, is a culmination of over 2 years research and development. The result is a slick, polished product that harnesses key internet technologies in a way never seen before.
Add to this myebook's powerful yet simple user interface and you have the ultimate ebook platform for any personal or corporate publication, whether it's for novels, childrens books, magazines, comics, photo albums, leaflets, brochures, instruction manuals. You can even embed or link to videos, audio, documents, images and flash files to make your books fully interactive. And what's more, since the whole myebook system is community-based, getting your word out to your audience is easy.
The team behind the project are all seasoned developers, designers, writers, marketeers and are continuously adding features and enhancing the myebook experience as they approach their next milestone release.
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Site of Interest: Novel Doctor

http://www.noveldoctor.com/ is this weeks site of interest.

This site is not only written in an entertaining manner but also contains some really good tips and insights into the writing industry.

I personally was hooked just after reading the side bar (the posts however are equally as good so don't limit yourselves;))

The site quotes :
 "Some people learn best from step by step instruction. This blog isn't for them".

In his introduction to himself, Stephen (the owner of the site) says this:

"Who am I? Well, my name is Stephen Parolini. And I’m an editor. I’ve been editing for more than 20 years – everything from curriculum to study guides to self-help books to fiction. I even had a two-year stint as a columnist for a bi-weekly trade publication in the video game industry. So, yeah, I’ve got a diverse resume. Why, then, is this site dedicated primarily to fiction?

The short answer: I love fiction. Also, I’m pretty good at editing it.

For most of the past 20 years I’ve been a freelance editor, collaborating with a variety of publishing houses and individuals on books of all kinds. In the world of non-fiction, I’ve worked in varying editorial capacities on books by Donald Miller, David Crowder and Warren Wiersbe. I’ve edited novels by the brilliant Greg Garrett as well as Christy Award nominees Jeffrey Overstreet and Richard Doster. I am particularly drawn to contemporary general market novels with a literary bent. Well, that and science fiction. And fantasy. And just about everything else. I like my books the same way I like my music – I don’t care what genre label it wears, if it’s good, I’ll read it.

The bottom line is that I love well-told stories. And the line just above that is that I like helping writers tell their stories well. Guess that’s why I’m an editor".

 Well worth a visit!
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Interview with Frances Pauli

What genre do you write and why?

I write Speculative Romance and Urban Fantasy. I've always read both
Science Fiction and Romance, and today with the blending of Romance
into a slew of sub-genres, I've found a pretty happy home writing in
multiple universes.

Tell us a bit about your latest book?

My latest release, Roarke, is available in ebook from Devine Destinies
and on Amazon.com. The story is a Science Fiction Romance about a
mercenary who "wakes from the dead" with no memory of who she is.
While she tries to sort out her identity, she finds that her past
isn't exactly what she'd hoped, and is forced to make some choices
about who she wants to be in the future. And, since it's a Romance,
who she wants to be with as well.

You have a young daughter. Any tips for other writer mums?

Try to squeeze the writing in wherever you can. I actually have two
children, both under five years old. Being Mom will always come first,
so I steal the little breaks here and there to put words down, and I
had to learn to write in short bursts.

How do you promote your writing?

I have a fan page on facebook where I post my releases and interviews.
I hang out a bit on Goodreads, Twitter, MySpace. Primarily, I blog. I
guest blog whenever I can, belong to a few writer's groups and I offer
a free online serial at: http://spaceslugserial.blogspot.com which I
have to admit, is more fun than promo most of the time.

You also write a blog. What kind of things do you post about there and
how much of a 'tool' is it for marketing your books?

I post a great deal about writing and trying to break into publishing
on my main blog at: http://francespauli.blogspot.com. I try to post
warnings about scams, tips from other authors and people in the
industy, stories about my own journey and guest author interviews. I
suppose the blog is an indirect marketing tool. I do put my release
and tour dates up, but mainly I want to talk about the business and
share. If that gets my name out to a few people, though, I'm not going
to complain.

Where can people find out more about you and your work?

My webpage is at: http://francespauli.com
I have my bio and works posted, as well as links to all of the social
media, facebook, and both blogs. There is a free short story as well
as links to the Space Slugs serial.

Anything else you'd like to add?

Thank you for having me on the blog. I've found a lot of useful posts
here along the way. This is a long, slow journey, and we need to help
each other out as much as possible, support other authors, share
warnings and information. You guys do a great job of that.

Roarke Blurb:

They have to be lying when they tell her she was dead. With no memory
of her past, and no idea who she actually is, Nora has little options.
Alone, and at the mercy of the Mercenary Defense Conglomerate, she
searches for clues into her past, and the truth about her supposed
If she is a prisoner, robbed of memory and held against her will, then
she must trust no one. If she has, in fact, returned from the dead,
then who could possibly help her? Armed with only her wits and her
inexplicably sharpened senses, she is forced to play along, to search
for the holes in their story and to piece together the flashes of
memory that serve only to taunt her.
But the visions seem to confirm the impossible. The man who is
supposed to be her fiancé seems bent on confusing her, and the one
person she is desperate to be near may very well be responsible for
her death. If the silent Roarke is her enemy, why do her visions draw
her closer to him? And why, when nothing else seems remotely familiar,
does Nora find herself remembering, or wanting to remember only him?

Roarke: buy link:http://www.devinedestinies.com/shopdevine/index.php?page=shop.product_details&flypage=ebook_flypage.tpl&product_id=860&category_id=40&option=com_virtuemart&Itemid=69


“I’m afraid we’ll have to brave a small crowd on the way out. News of
your…return has been hard to keep quiet.”
  “I should imagine.” I smile congenially at him and allow myself to
be led from the room. The crowd doesn’t surprise me, though small is
an understatement. I’ve sensed them building outside all along. I
brace myself, grateful for the doctor’s arm, and we emerge onto a long
walkway. The floor drops away on both sides, and the spaces are filled
with craning faces. I’m torn between scanning the assembly for some
shred of recognition and shying from any contact with the eager
  In the end, I dart sparing glances at random people. Nothing stirs any memory.
Halfway across the space I give up and choose to focus on the long
strips of blue-tinted lights that line the walls. I think that nothing
seems familiar here because this isn’t where I belong. Perhaps, I
think, this is a prison after all.
  I hate to consider the doctor as a participant in my capture,
perhaps even directly responsible for removing my memory, but the
possibility can’t be ignored. It is, given the unbelievable
alternative that is their story, quite likely closer to the truth. Yet
I allow myself to be led toward another curving doorway. I have few
options, few options for now.
  I concentrate, instead, on how playfully the blue light interacts
with the metal of my dress. The fabric flashes and shoots refracted
fire as I move in it. I let myself be mesmerized by the effect. The
door is near, and Doctor Williams slows as we approach it. My
irritation surges again. Another foreign hallway beyond this one?
Another unfamiliar room? Suddenly, I have no wish to continue
peaceably. I have no interest in allowing myself to be led to any
destination they’ve selected. I scan sideways from the door, searching
for a pathway of my own choosing, wherever it may lead.
  I’m struck dumb by a familiar face. He stands back from the others,
aside from them, but near the door. Where I’m most likely to see him,
I decide. He leans against the gray wall and looks at the ceiling. The
strong muscle of his jaw tenses. Lines etch across his rugged face. My
chest lurches at the sight of him. I search for a name to assign to
the single familiar person in this crowded hall. The set shoulders and
staggered legs ring through my mind looking for something to cling to.
Exact memories, like the name I want to put to him, shy from my grip.
The feeling sweeps through me of something just on the tip of my
tongue, too elusive to pin down. I’m frantic to snare it, but it
dances out of reach. I realize that I’ve stopped walking.
  His red hair crowns a complexion nowhere near pale. He shifts his
gaze downward slowly, with great intention, and meets my gaze. The
intensity in his eyes belies his casual pose. He knows me.
  In an instant, I’m lifted from the room, my mind trapped in darkness
without a body to attach to. I drift without direction or purpose in a
sea of warmth. Softly, the singing whispers, return, return to me. The
persistent voice hovers near desperate, saturated with emotion. The
words pull me down.
  I come back to myself. The doctor tugs gently at my arm. Concern
scrawls across his face. I see the question there. “I’m fine,” I say,
stepping in line with him once more. “Get me out of here, okay?” And
we pass through the second doorway together.

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Video: How to Instantly Improve Your Writing

Start improving your writing with valuable tips from our expert in this free video. Watch, and see how your writing will instantly improve.

Expert: Kari Wethington
Bio: Kari Wethington is a journalist based in Cincinnati, Ohio. Karis experience includes reporting, editing, online journalism and video production.
Filmmaker: Jason Sager

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Interview with Marian Thomas

What do you like most about being a writer?
I did an interview a few months back and one of the author's that went on before me stayed to listen to my interview. She told that it was important to think of oneself as a storyteller. Being a writer helps to accomplish this. It allows one to see the power that a written page can have not just on the person doing the writing but the reader as well.
Who is your favorite character from the book and why?
My favorite character is Misty because she represents what I call the “revolving door” type of friend. We all have friends that come in and out of our lives and then one day we finally realize that we need to look the door and throw away the key.

Tell us about your latest book?
My debut title is Color Me Jazzmyne, I am so proud of it and it brings me many smiles to know that readers enjoy it. Here's is what I would call a blurb about the book that helps to get a 360 degree overview of the contents within.
Book Blurb:
How do you tell your son that your father is his? That is the question that Naya Monà must answer as she confronts a son she hasn’t seen since birth. Filled with a jazz singer’s heart, a flair or Rhythm and a hint of Blues, the drama in her life unveils as she is forced to go back into her past. Back to the time when her father’s touch is no longer innocent, her friends aren’t whom they appear to be and the love of her life is nothing more than a perfectly polished pair of black leather shoes.
Where can people go to find out about you and your work?
The best place is my website. It’s: www.marianlthomas.com .
Color Me Jazzmyne can be purchased on the following online retail websites as well:

How do you market your book online?
Marketing is like food for the body, meaning that it is essential and a must if you want your book, your story and your journey to authorship to continue or get started for that matter. I use a variety of marketing avenues that include social media marketing, blog marketing, website marketing, book blast focus day, direct email blasts and online resources that help me to find and directly target book clubs and reader groups.

Are you currently working on another book? Tell us about it.
Oh yes, although I admit I am not as far into it as I should be. It's called My Father's Colors and it goes into the roots of Jonathan, the father of Naya Monà.

Anything else you’d like to add?
Thank you so much for having me as a guest. Your blog gives authors an opportunity to let readers know they exist and why they have a story that is worth reading about.
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This fantastic annual event is back and bigger than ever! It's packed full of opportunities to promote your books, articles, blogs, websites, services for writers, publishing companies etc...

Network with thousands of other members from the industry and share tips and advice.

There's also FREE online workshops. No registration necessary. Just turn up on the day and join in the fun!

Workshop Schedule
Jo Linsdell
Social Media
Sandy Lender
Virtual Tours
Reno Lovison
Video Trailers
Karina Fabian
Making Promotional Materials
Gina Alzate
Divine Empowerment
Lillian Cauldwell
Interviews and Internet Radio
Janet Elaine Smith
Turning work into fun (marketing)
Joyce Anthony

This year a new forums feature has been added to the site to make interaction even more international. There will be special sections for publishers to post their submission guidelines and give information to authors about their companies. Companies offering services (virtual assistants, website designers, illustrators, ghost writers etc…) will also have a section where they can let attendees know more about what they offer.

As if all this wasn't enough, this year you can have your book featured in the onsite bookstore for just €5,00! An opportunity not to be missed. Email if interested in having your book featured.

Visit the website http://jolinsdell.tripod.com/promoday for more details of how you can be involved.

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Interview with Gina Alzate

What do you like most about being a writer?
Writing is a beautiful medium to articulate reflected thoughts, perspectives on experiences, understanding of concepts, and the adventures of hindsight’s, foresights and insights. To me it serves all these purpose plus it humanizes my thinking immersed in my wide range of feelings. Writing helps me clarify my thinking, especially when a critic questions my theories, beliefs and values. This questioning allows me to sharpen my stance, know exactly what I stand for, and be clear with my direction and goals. Writing helps me tell stories that touch hearts, open minds, propel ideas, and bring hope to a temporary state of uninspired living. It certainly allows me to leave a legacy behind, the witness of my footprints on Earth's experience. It helps me chronicle the timeline of my awakening moments, contributing to the ever-growing expansion of global learning.

Tell us a bit about your latest book?
My latest book, which is my first book to be published before May 15, is Living Our Soul Map: Unleashing the Warrior Goddess Within. It is an anthology of stories from 12 women who found themselves in the lowest points of their lives, and how they found courage to bring themselves out of their circumstances. They knew everything else was temporary, including their pain and sorrow. It is a powerful collection of testament to the hope and faith that come to us when we are in need of Divine intervention. I wove their stories based on when their paths crossed mine, and vice-versa. I had many areas of growth occur on each milestone marked by our meeting synchronistically. I was living my soul map along with the rest of them. Its birth followed my idea conception from a dream, where I was surrounded by 12 women. I did not know what the dream meant until it manifest itself in real form. As soon as I let the energy flow on its own, it created enough momentum to complete itself. Indeed in this book I am surrounded by the strength and courage of these tenacious 12 women.

How do you market your book online?
I have begun marketing my book through mentions of it on my online radio shows on BlogTalkRadio and TalkShoe. Eventually, I will write about it on Examiner.com where I host columns in Holistic Travel, Romance and Intercultural Relationship. I also am in the process of creating a website dedicated to the book, with its own eCommerce and listbuilding opportunities. I would love to be on book signing tours, offering seminars on Unleashing the Warrior Goddess Within. I will eventually launch a book campaign with supporters, starting from the 12 contributors, and our network of friends and families.

Where can people find out more about you and your work?
For now, people can friend me on Facebook, follow me on Twitter, and link up with me on LinkedIn as GinaAlzate. My current website for my holistic and metaphysical workshops is www.reikiwithangelhealing.com, and for travel consultation and cruise planning is www.worldtoursandcruises.com. I lead and host holistic and metaphysical tours, cruises and workshops at sea.

Anything else you'd like to add?
I invite people to order a copy of the Living Our Soul Map: Unleashing the Warrior Goddess Within as 10% of the net also benefit CARE of www.care.org. I am looking forward to meeting all of you at  PROMO DAY and aboard our cruise ships with World Tours and Cruises dba Cruise Planners.

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Want to be interviewed?

Would you like to be interviewed on this blog? If so contact me by email with your weblink and some brief information about you and what you do.

Authors, freelance writers, editors, illustrators, website designers, PR companies, publishing companies... what ever your talents or services, I want to hear from you.

You can promote your books, articles, services etc in your interview whilst letting Writers and Authors readers know more about you and you product.

Just take a look at the traffic map in the side bar for an idea of where recent visitors to the site have been coming from. And it continues to get more and more international as time goes on. Reach out on a global scale and take advantage of this fantastic opportunity.
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