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The Kikolani site is full of great tips and advice about blogging.

About Kikolani

Kikolani is about the art of blogging – the technical aspects with blogging and social networking tips, the beauty with photography and poetry, and the benefits for writers and readers.

About the Author
kikolani - author bio photoI am a happily married, artistic girl geek from the Southwest. My interests range in everything from blogging, social media, photography, writing, poetry, psychology, personal growth, motivation, self improvement, pets, and more. I hope to share my interests on this site with the hopes that everyone who comes here can find something technically beautiful, artfully beneficial, and useful. I also hope to continue my path of self-discovery through blogging. I am also a freelance web designer focused on web optimization and WordPress customization. Visit Kristi Hines | Portfolio for more information.

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