Review: The Prophecy

Title: The Prophecy
Author: Gill James
Publisher: The Red Telephone
ISBN: 978-0-955791-08-6

Reviewed by Jo Linsdell.

It’s a shame that the editing wasn’t better taken care of, as The Prophecy is a very good story. Gill James shows her talent for world building and through this futuristic tale touches on themes very relevant in today’s world, including the damage done by pollution and racial differences. It really left me thinking about where Planet Earth might end up in the future.

Kaleem Malkendy is different from the rest. His blonde hair and dark skin have made him used to unwelcome attention. The day he meets a strange old man Kaleems life changes forever.

As he learns new skills and more about the Babel Prophecy, Kaleem also has to deal with his mothers secrets, questions about who his father was and the usual urges of a young boy for friendship and a girlfriend. All of this is complicated further when he discovers more about both hidden information and golden information and becomes more actively involved in the Peace Child Project.

A revised version to clean up the text in places would make The Prophecy a highly recommendable read. I would definitely be interested in seeing what else Gill James creates in the future.


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