Interview with Marian Thomas

Tell us a bit about your latest book? 
Color Me Jazzmyne is centered on the main character, Naya Moná. She is the type of woman that all women can see a reflection of themselves in. She has dreams, struggles, obstacles and a passion to live! In the beginning she is naïve, abused and looking in all the wrong directions for comfort. She quickly realizes that a beautiful pair of black leather shoes does not reflect the character of a good man.
The drama in her life unveils as her son whom she hasn’t seen since birth walks through the doorways of her beautiful and lavish home thinking that she is the reason that the puzzle of his life doesn’t fit. Filled with rage, anger and sadness he forces her to go back into her past, back to the time when her father’s touch was no longer innocent. 

Who is your publisher and why did you choose them? 
L.B Publishing is the publisher. I think it’s important to choose a publishing company that really cares about you as an Author; can look into the essence of your story and understand that although you are new, you still have something to bring to the table. 

What tips do you have for other writers? 
When it comes to writing it comes down to gut, imagination and belief in you. If you don’t believe that you can be an Author, no one else well. So sell yourself on the idea of being an Author first. This was a lesson I learned recently and it stuck with me. 

You are part of an online digital magazine called Newbie's Magazine. Please tell us about it. 

Newbie’s magazine is my “baby” as they say. I love being a part of this digital monthly online magazine because it’s about sharing with the world a story of journeys. The concept of connecting passionate readers with passionate authors is nothing new but the way we go about it brings some flavour to the saying. Newbie’s is sent directly to up to 200 bookclubs. This allows them to flip through the pages, enjoy reading about the new authors featured and share it instantly with other members of their group. Starting with the January 15, 2010 edition, Newbie’s is also sent directly to over 50,000 potential readers making it a great resource for Author’s to expose their book, business owners to expose their product or service and readers to learn about the next newbie author out there. 

Where can people find out more about you and your work? 
Color Me Jazzmyne is available on all the major online retailers such as, Barnes & and Books-A-Million. Readers can purchase a “Signed Copy Package” that includes – (1) Signed copy of the book (1) Tote Bag (1) DVD of the book trailer on my website: . The audio book is also available on
Newbie’s Magazine can be read at: 
Authors interested in being featured in Newbie’s can send a request a rate brochure by emailing: 

Anything else you'd like to add? 
This has been an adventure, a journey and a lot of hard work and the only regrets I have is not doing this sooner, so to anyone out there thinking of writing, dreaming of writing or have written a manuscript but nothing further…let this be there year to page forward your writing thoughts! Visit for tips, advice and just some simply good ole-fashion encouragement.


  1. Thank you so much for having me on your blog. I really love your blog format!


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