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Robin Falls Magazine is an online magazine for writers and artists, published every two months. The first issue came out on 1st December 2009 and proved to be a huge success with thousands of visitors to the site.

It was created and organised by April Robins, who is also the brains behind the Facebook group Red River Writers and the Robin Falls internet radio shows. The aim being to give another channel for writers and artists to share their talents.

A new feature has also been added at the Blog Talk Radio shows and they are looking for people to be Robin Falls Chatroom Representatives, for short Chat Reps. They will ask questions in the chatroom during shows. If interested please email

A message from April Robins, CEO Robin Falls, LLC

The Editors at Robin Falls Magazine are April Robins, Jo Linsdell- Feliciani, Leslie Graham, and F. Jay Robins. The Art Department is ran by Kim Reale Johnson with her are Wendy Whittingham and Mj Gillot.

We would like to invite you to visit our new Robin Falls Magazine. The magazine is a seasonal online display of work by international Writers and Artists. Most are members of FaceBook group Red River Writers.

It is divided into four sections: Red River Writers, Robin Falls Kids, Radio Shows, and the Book & Art Shop. Within the pages of the sections are 5 interactive, recurring posts where you can ask related questions and get answers from experts.

Red River Writers section contains: Articles, Poetry & Lyrics, Short Stories, Writing & Promoting, Book Reviews, Videos, Excerpts from books, and Art Displays.

Robin Falls Kids section contains: Articles, Stories, Poems, Music, Art, Kids Activities, Book Reviews, Writing & Promoting Tips, Coloring Pages, and Book Trailers.

Radio Shows section relates to Red River Writers Live and Robin Falls Kids Blog Talk Radio Shows. There you will find profiles of Shows, Hosts, Guests, and Assistants. The shows motto is “To Entertain and Education.” Currently Robin Falls produces 15 different styled radio shows, representing all genres. There pages will definitely entertain.

Book and Art Shop at Robin Falls Magazine features work of friends of Robin Falls from all genres. Direct links to learn more about each item with ability to purchase are provided.

As if that was not enough, the magazine is stuffed with links and flashing buttons that will lead you directly to one of our more than 500 merchant affiliate stores. Special effort was made to give you an exciting online shopping experience. There is variety galore and discounts to boot.

So, please enter and relax by our beautiful falls while you view the magazine's magnificent scenery at


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