Review: Sal and Sally

Title: Sal & Sally
Author: Jay Miller
Publisher: Gather Community Press
ISBN: 978-1-935028-13-0


In Sal & Sally, number 2 in the ‘All God’s Critters’ series, Jay Miller takes us to the ocean.

Two small sea bass, called Sal and Sally, discover a new game blowing bubbles. They soon teach Nellie the Octopus how to blow them too but she blows one so big that they get trapped inside it. Then along comes Nasty Nick a Long nosed Shark who tries to eat them. As they are protected by the bubble, Nasty nick soon gives up and they all end up blowing bubbles together and singing songs. Not long after all the other critters learn how to blow bubbles too.

A wonderful tale about friendship, complete with songs that will delight small children.

With colourful illustrations by Jessica L. Ball, Sal & Sally is sure to become a regular reading request amongst small children.


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