CWL- Rise Of The Darkness

Title: Rise Of The Darkness
Author: C.A.Milson
ISBN: 978-1-4092-8136-8

From the time that the Darkness ruled the ancient tribes, The Elders
prophesied of a time when a descendant of The Gods would arise.
Tonight, in the town of Winmont, an Ancient Legion has been awoken to
finish what they started many millennia ago. Now, the fate of humanity
is in the hands of One, but can he overcome the forces that dare to
challenge the bloodline of the Gods?

Alex Manning is The One. Born of a heritage that was once a powerful
civilization before it was destroyed by the Giants that once walked
among men. Now tonight, in a small town, after thousands of years of
being bound in the Dark Realm, the Ancient Darkness has been
unleashed, and they set about to finish what was begun. Only Alex can
stop the Dark Forces from destroying this town, but will he fulfil his
own tests and sacrifice his life for those would seek to betray him?

Publisher: Lulu


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