CWL- The Ice Chorus

The Ice Chorus
By Sarah Stonich
Book Trailer:

Blurb: "After her affair with a painter, documentary filmmaker Lise Dupre's life has unraveled. She leaves Toronto for the remote Irish coast to consider her future, and heal. In a seaside village of characters, she's embraced by the Conners', whose wholehearted charm and colourful stories inspire her to pick up the camera once again, to record their lives and loves. Discovery of a devastating family secret in the Conners' past makes Lise realize that to tell the stories of others, she must first tell her own.


In this tender, elegantly told love story, Liselle flees her native Toronto for a small village on the Irish coast. As she slowly incorporates herself into the lives of the villagers, Liselle recreates the circumstances surrounding the bitter breakup of her 18-year marriage. While accompanying her workaholic husband on an archaeological dig in Mexico she met Charlie, a gifted painter. When he mounts an exhibit of eight shockingly intimate portraits, she is forced to make a decision. Stonich effortlessly conjures multiple vivid settings and uncommonly interesting characters even as she moves seamlessly between the past and present. A subtle, lovely evocation of the transforming power of love.


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