CWL- The Best Selling Toy of the Season

The Best Selling Toy of the Season
By Elaine Cantrell

Who’d want to be Nikki Lane? Sure, she’s beautiful, but her family isn’t much. She isn’t married either, and supporting her two boys on a minimum wage job has cost her more than one sleepless night.

Tommy Price is everything Nikki isn’t. He lives on James Street, the best street in town. Naturally, his rich, influential family has a suitable woman picked out for him to marry.

Tommy and Nikki’s two diverse worlds literally collide one evening at the discount store where Nikki works, giving both of them a glimpse into a life they never knew existed.

Can the growing attraction between them bridge the vast gulf which separates them, or will their romance end before it even begins?

The Best Selling Toy of the Season

Tommy Price is a wealthy attorney from a prominent family. When he goes to Super Mart a few days before Christmas, he is simply shopping for a gag gift for a party. He doesn’t expect to accidentally trip over a lovely woman in his path and break her Christmas presents. Nikki Lane is a single mother and an employee of Super Mart. She has been saving for months to buy her boys the toy that Tommy just broke. It is the one hot toy of the holiday season, and there are no more to be found for purchase anywhere. When Tommy shows up at her door a couple of days later with replacements and an invitation to dinner for her and the boys, she is charmed beyond belief.

Nikki and Tommy find an immediate connection in spite of their differences in background and social status and are utterly taken with each other. Their families, however, have a different opinion. Tommy’s family is of the opinion that Nikki is trailer trash and a fortune hunter, Nikki’s cousin Dan warns her that Tommy just wants to get her in bed before he dumps her, and her mother pushes her to demand marriage. Tommy refuses to listen to this – he loves Nikki and plans to marry her. Nikki, however, is much more susceptible to family pressure and the murmurs and gossip she hears among Tommy’s social circle. She doesn’t want to let him go, but how can she allow Tommy to ruin his reputation by marrying someone as socially backwards as herself?

Elaine Cantrell’s The Best Selling Toy of the Season is a sweet seasonal romance in which the hero and heroine attempt to navigate the huge social and financial gap between them. This contrast between the two seems to be a popular theme in romantic fiction – the rich and handsome hero sweeps the poor waif off her feet and she miraculously fits into his life. The Best Selling Toy of the Season takes a slightly different angle and shows exactly how ill-prepared such a heroine would be for such a dramatic and sudden change in circumstances. This gives a refreshing injection of realism into the Cinderella theme. The story is well-written and plotted if somewhat slow-moving, and it features two main characters who are sympathetic enough to make the reader care what happens to them. Both Nikki and Tommy are genuinely nice people. Even though Tommy purposely turns a blind eye to potential difficulties that his romance with Nikki may cause and Nikki has something of a chip on her shoulder, the reader can’t help but root for a happy ending for these two. Readers loving a rags-to-riches tale should find The Best Selling Toy of the Season just up their alley.

Reviewed by: Whitney, Fallen Angel Reviews

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