CWL- Beginnings

By Lori Watson


In your beginning—yes, in your beginning,
God thought of you, and He loved you.

A tiny seed grows into a majestic tree. A small caterpillar flutters from the cocoon as a beautiful butterfly. A fragile egg cradles the new life of a baby robin. And a much-loved child is nurtured within a mother’s womb.
Beginnings is a fresh new way to teach children about the value of life at every stage. Gorgeous illustrations take little ones through all of the wondrous beginnings of God’s creations—a seed becomes a pine tree, a yellow blossom becomes a tomato, a spring becomes a river. Beginnings emphasizes the value of human life by reassuring children that God has loved them all along, from the very beginning.

Beginnings, a pro-life picture book for preschoolers and up:

About the Author:
Lori Ann Watson studied elementary education in Texas. She taught first, second, and fifth grades and was named County Teacher of the Year before becoming a full-time mother and Catholic writer. She and her husband have three young children


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