WritingWorld.org is a site about freelance writing and professional blogging, maintained by Amber McNaught.

Amber is a freelance writer and problogger who has been writing professionally for almost ten years. Amber started her career in newspaper journalism, had a brief foray into the world of public relations, and then returned to writing, this time on a freelance basis.

Amber set up Hot Igloo Productions Ltd., in 2004, in partnership with her husband, Terry Miaoulis. The company initially offered web design services (courtesy of Terry), along with a range of copywriting, proofreading, editing and press release services, run by Amber. She also continued to freelance for local and national newspapers and magazines.

In 2006, Amber started blogging professionally, both for the UK blog network, Shiny Media, and for her own blogs. In 2008 she launched Midas Media, the publishing division of Hot Igloo, which owns and runs its own network of fashion and lifestyle blogs, of which WritingWorld.org is one.

These days, the bulk of Amber's time revolves around blogging. She is the editor of Shiny Media's Shoewawa and continues to run the Midas Media network, with the odd bit of copywriting or newspaper journalism thrown in for good luck.

For more details visit www.writingworld.org


  1. Nice post! Can't wait to check out Writing World. Also love the company name she picked, Hot Igloo. :-)


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