Review: Crown of the World Knight of the Temple

Title: Crown of the World Knight of the Temple
Author: Nathan Sadasivan
Reviewed by Tannia E. Ortiz-Lopes, publisher of ''Time with Tannia'' (

The Knight of the Temple is the debut novel of The Crown of the World trilogy written by young author Nathan Sadasivan.
The book cover shows Christ's crown of thorns above a battle scene where the main character, Godfrey de Montferrat, a bold and brave Temple Knight, is engaged on a battle. The author takes the reader into a tale of Christendom with emphasis on Godfrey's dilemmas about faith, loyalty, love, war, and his purposes in life.
The book begins with Godfrey de Montferrat and his companion, Jacques de Maille, riding their horses through the desert of Egypt searching for a Frankish camp. Due to the intense heat of the sun, both horsemen are extremely tired, thirsty, and have had hardly any sleep. They find an oasis where they refresh themselves and their horses can drink water to replenish their energy. Not far from them, Yusef, an arab leader well-known for his battle and commanding skills, and his warriors discovered the hoofprints of the Temple Knight's horses. Yusef, allows Malik to go and investigate the matter and report back to him. Malik, a young warrior thirsty for Frankish's blood and with battle fever, reports his findings to Yusef and suggests a surprise attack on the knights. But things don't go as smooth as Malik expects. The knights fight back but get separated during the battle. This separation leaves Godfrey defending his life fiercely against Malik's violent attacks.
The outcome of his encounter with Malik marks the beginning of Godfrey's personal quest to find the answer to his many questions. The encounter with Yusef and his warriors at the desert is just the beginning of the many clashes between the Saracen (Muslims) and the Frankish Knights. The author will take the reader to a world of betrayal, espionage, love, prayer, and political power struggles, where the most ambitious and wicked one of them all will stop at nothing to reach his goal.
I admire the author's attention to details. With the skills of a masterful painter, he portrays the battle scenes and enfold the reader into a mystical tale of a world already forgotten, and a time where not everything is was what is seems to be.
At the end of the book Godfrey finds himself in front of the Tabernacle demanding to know:Why??? The answer to his question will open up the road of healing for his broken spirit and will leave the reader contemplating on its meaning, too.
I highly recommend this book to readers who enjoy books about Christendom and are willing to follow Godfrey de Montferrat and his companions through this trilogy.

Tannia E. Ortiz-Lopés author of The Window To My Soul, My Walk With Jesus (2004 Tate Publishing ISBN 0975393359.) El Espejo de mi Alma (2009 Pleasant Word) Visit the author at:,, and


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