Review: The Darkness Did Not

Title: The Darkness Did Not

Author: William L. Biersach

Reviewed by Tannia E. Ortiz-Lopes, publisher of ''Time with Tannia'' (

In his book, The Darkness Did Not, author William L. Biersach brings to the adult reader an urban fantasy thriller.

When suddenly corpses of young women with their bodies drained of blood start to accumulate in the morgue, the police are perplexed and extremely afraid. The police seek the assistance of Father John Baptist, a detective-cop-turned-priest, known for his sharp intuition and ability to discern the killers' mind to help them stop the vampire serial killer.

The book cover shows Elza's room, where guests can enjoy a drink, listen to piano music played by Elza, and enjoy a good conversation. This room is located in the middle of the swanky private club, The House of Illusion, a gloomy place where illusions, magic, tragedy, ghost and vampires will keep the audience entertained all night. The back book cover shows, hanging from a door, a scapular, a cross, and a medallion of St. Philomena; key weapons for the protection of the main characters during the investigation and solution of the case.

The author uses Mr. Feeney, St. Philomena Catholic Church's gardener and aspiring writer, to narrate the story and to give the reader vital insight information. On the “Gardening Tip” Mr. Feeney shares his thoughts, point of view, and knowledge in an informative and, at times, hilarious manner. Mr. Feeney writes the story in his personal journal/manuscript draft. Each chapter begins with a brief explanation of the Feast of a Saint followed by the events of that day and a “Gardening Tip”.

Fr. Baptist must use his detective experience and a strange cast of individuals with knowledge of the supernatural to solve this case before Samhain, All Hallow Eve.

With his book, Mr. Biersach has crafted a story full of chillings-haunting scenes with twist and turns on the plot that will deprive you from your sleep and keep you wondering “who is the killer?” Through Fr. Baptist's character, the author illustrates that evil is real and it disguises itself as good to those not equipped with the tools to battle and conquer it successfully with the help of the Divine Providence.

The Darkness Did Not will challenge the vampire thriller's readers to take a look at those creatures from a different point of view and join Fr. Baptist and his companions in their search for the truth entangled with legends, myths, faiths, and old family trades. Once you read this story, you will never judge a book by its cover, but instead will accept the challenge and join the vampire hunt!


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