Children’s Book Week is a celebration of reading for pleasure for children of primary school age. Schools, libraries and bookshops all over the UK hold events and activities aimed at encouraging children to view reading as a source of pleasure, explore libraries and bookshops and even start writing themselves.

Why celebrate Children’s Book Week?

The aim of Children’s Book Week is to celebrate reading for pleasure. Designating a special day or week for book-related activities can help children to see reading as pleasurable and fun, stimulating them to discover new books, extend their reading choices, discuss and share books, explore libraries and bookshops, and do their own creative writing.

Last year, children in schools and libraries across the country took part in a wide range of activities for Children’s Book Week. Here’s a small selection of some of the events that took place:

> Writer and illustrator visits in schools

> Reading-themed games

> Library and bookshop visits

> Writing and performing plays based on favourite stories

> Poetry writing

> Designing book covers

> Reading challenges such as “try a book new to you”

> Poetry reading assemblies

> Making a film version of a favourite book

Here's what schools had to say about Children’s Book Week 2008:

“Thank you. Motivating, encouraging, inspiring.” Key stage 1 teacher

“A great pack with lots of good ideas.” Key stage 2 teacher, school librarian and literacy coordinator.

“We celebrate Book Week at our nursery every year. There are always brilliant ideas in the packs.” May Khazen, Headteacher, Dawmouse Montessori Nursery

“The pack is really useful and informative” Lorna Sinclair, Acting Principal Teacher, Uphall Primary School.

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