Article: Writing and passion

Writing and passion.
Written by: Elaine Marlier
Author of WITHOUT A HOME inspiring and heartfelt tales of animal adoptions

Writing is a passion. No writing can be done without some kind of passion. Writing is not a hum drum job that one does everyday because it earns a paycheck. It is something that is done because one wants to do it. It is something that burns in the soul. Passion for writing is not shared by everyone, but it is shared by those of us who have a desire to turn our words into a work of art...a work of art that affects people, touches the lives of people, motivates people, changes people's perspective, gives people entertainment, gives people hope, or educates people in some manner. Regardless of the types of books one writes, we write them to affect the lives of others. That is passion.
A great idea is born in our minds. It sparks something inside of us. It gives us - the writers - the motivation to sit down and write. But what happens when we sit down at the computer, and find our fingertips on the keyboard, our eyes staring at a blank screen, and nothing happens? The idea is there, but the words are not flowing.
That answer is simple. We are missing the "other" passion. Yes, writing is a passion, but we as authors need to be passionate about what we are writing about. We must believe in our work and feel it in our hearts. We need our work to inspire us, before it can inspire others.
That is exactly what drove me as an author to write the WITHOUT A HOME series of books about animal adoptions. My two passions in life are animals and writing. When I put those two passions together, and sat down to write, the words just flowed...from mind to keyboard. There was no over analyzing, no over thinking, there was only the inspiration in my heart and soul, that flowed onto every page.
All of the reviews of the books thus far, have proved to me that this is the only way to write. In order to touch the lives of others, your writing must first touch your own life.


  1. I enjoyed this little editorial essay very much.

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