Article: Add value to your book

Article: Add value to your book

By Jo Linsdell

So after months or maybe even years, you’ve written a fantastic book. Editing has been done and the finished product is ready for the shelves. With all the millions of books being published, how are you going to make yours stand out and be the one that makes it to the check out?

A simple way of doing this is to add value to your book. Give the reader extra reasons as to why your book is better or offers more than its competitors.

Value can be added in a number of ways:

1) Obtain celebrity endorsements.

A lot of people are media driven and seeing a star’s name connected with your book may be all they need to convince them to buy a copy.

2) Use a foreword written by a well-known expert or celebrity.

Again, having your book connected to a household name may help sales. In the case of non fiction books, having an expert in the field comment on it will help reinforce the message of the book and give confirmation to the reader that you know your subject.

3) Associate your book with a recognised brand name.

If people know the brand name it will make them feel more comfortable with the book.

4) Attach a coupon, CD-ROM or another product.

People love getting more for their money. By offering an extra or a free gift, you will grab their attention and make them feel like they are saving money.


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