Childrens Writing

Brand new edition of the Children's Writing Update eZine. You can view the entire issue online at

This issue features:

* the video "Write for Success: 7 Tips For Children's Book Writers"

* news about an important upcoming event

* links to find children's book publishers and more

* an article by Laura Backes called "Finding Humor in Teenage Drama"...


* the latest from The CBI Clubhouse (,
the groundbreaking new site for success-minded children's writers.

--- Here's the important takeaway from that:

Just started an ongoing children's writing course called The CBI Challenge
that's free to all members of the CBI Clubhouse! ----

So head over to and
check it out. Then, by all means, get over to and prepare to be blown away by The
CBI Clubhouse! (Children's Book Insider).


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