World eBook Fair

The 4th Annual World eBook Fair

July 4th to August 4th
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Two Million eBooks Titles

"Welcome to The Fourth World eBook Fair where we hope you will enjoy at least a few of the books that are presented here, now in the millions.

Brief History of The World eBook Fair

Just two years ago The First World eBook Fairs came on the scene with about 1/3 million books and doubled to 2/3 million in 2008, and over a a million and a quarter presented last year.

Now over two million.

Created by contributions from 100+ eLibraries around the world, the largest collections are:

At midnight Central Daylight Time May 21, 2009 these were the approximate numbers:

100,000 from Project Gutenberg
500,000 from The World Public Library
1,385,000 from The Internet Archive
250,000 from eBooks About Everything
17,000 from IMSLP's Music eLibrary
2,252,000 Grand Total

Since we are adding over a thousand books each business day, we should have little trouble in reaching our goal of 2 1/2 million by July 4-- once again doubling the total of the eBooks we are presenting to the general public".

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