Review of Strictly Platonic

Title: Strictly Platonic
Author: Dexter Harper
Reviewed By: Nick Sinn-White

Four words that have always challenged the reader to look beyond themselves have been: Truth, Detail, Insight and Life. In Strictly Platonic, a collection of short vignettes authored by Dexter Harper, we see a focus on the aspects of all four of those powerful words in today’s modern relationship. Dexter Harper, a new author, offers up a steaming mix of the good and the bad from the inside out of these center piece relationships. What Mr. Harper does well throughout Strictly Platonic is play the reader off of the characters, and these are characters you will identify with. Whether you like this identifying factor or not is not the issue at hand for Strictly Platonic. What is on hand inside this first time collection is a strong sense of human interest. Harper wants us to take each situation and not only learn from it but perhaps internalize it further. Can you learn before making said mistakes or will it take “jumping into the fire to feel the heat?” Harper almost seems to say, “Sometimes being in a relationship that’s taking that leap into the frying pan from strictly platonic to so much more is the actual catalyst for the burns you both desire and rebel against.” When is it safe to confess the emotions of devotion? When has a combination of truth, detail, insight and life come together for you? How did you react? What did you learn? And where are you now? Strictly Platonic might seem to be reaching for an incredibly grand life lesson but….isn’t that the lesson in itself? Life is a challenge. Loving is a challenge. Both are grand in and of themselves. Nothing Dexter Harper writes within these 206 pages will change that mentality for you, but sometimes you have to truly stare up into the sun to see how bright it is outside. Strictly Platonic is doing that for you. It’s letting it’s readers stare hard at some very real lessons involving love, life, and people. Then it steps back and says, “See, you could do this all along.” Be honest, be loving. Be smart. If Strictly Platonic does anything for you hopefully it taught you to challenge yourself emotionally inside and outside of your personal relationships that may or may not be, Strictly Platonic.
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