Review of Sin and Vengeance

Title: Sin and Vengeance

Author: CJ West

Reviewed by Tannia E. Ortiz-Lopés author of The Window To My Soul, My Walk With Jesus(2004 Tate Publishing ISBN 0975393359.) Visit the author at:,, and

Sin and Vengeance is the first book in the Randy Black series, written by ingenious storyteller, CJ West. In this first book, the author skillfully mixes elements of wine making, seduction, intrigue, spying, wealth, and murder to drag the thrill-seeking reader into the masterfully orchestrated revenge of Randy Black.

The book begins with Deirdre Deudon, Randy Black, and Charlie Marston's lusty encounter at an old house at Rue de Beauchene in France. Things get out of control when Deirdre's husband, Henri, unexpectedly shows up and sees his wife engaged with two young men! Blinded by rage while trying to defend his wife's honor, but unable to defeat the perpetrators, he ends up dead. This event marks the beginning of Randy and Charlie's perilous friendship.

Running away from the French police, Randy and Charlie return to Westport, Massachusetts. Charlie goes to manage the family winery, while Randy continues his reckless lifestyle. Randy and Charlie run into a series of unfortunate and life-threatening events, which leads Charlie to reconsider his association with Randy. The warning words of his parents were always echoing in his mind.

Meanwhile, Charlie's dad, Mr. Charles Marston, is receiving anonymous letters from a blackmailer living in Westport who knows about a dark business secret which, if tipped the press and publicly exposed, could ruin his business and destroy his family.

The rest of the book takes the reader on a roller coaster ride pivoted by Randy Black's unscrupulous driving force to destroy those who robed him from his childhood and of his family inheritance. In addition to following Randy Black, the reader will be engaged with Lieutenant Laroche's investigation of Henri Deudon's death, Charles Marston's blackmail ordeal, and Deirdre Deudon's desires to ease her guilty conscience by avenging her murdered husband, Henri.

I admired the way the author developed the characters and surrounding situations according to each one of their unique personalities. From page one the reader gets involved in the drama and becomes another one of Randy Black's manipulated puppets. The reader becomes Randy's shadow. He is the bad boy who you know is dangerous, but you are unable to part from him. You simply go for the adrenaline rush that comes with his company and his lifestyle. This character is so well developed that toward the end of the book you will have ill feelings toward him and will want to help the others find his hideout and bring him to justice.

However, not everything about Randy Black is what it appears to be. Author CJ West's twists and turns during the entire story keeps you wondering about the motives and true identities of some key characters until the last chapters. Just when I thought I had it all figured out, Mr. West pulled an unexpected end that left me in shock and totally speechless.

This book has all the elements to become a Hollywood blockbuster. In 2008 the owner of a screenwriting company saw its potential and optioned it for a film.

I highly recommend this book to all thrill-seeker readers and to others daring to walk a mile in the wild side from the safety of their homes.

Bravo, Mr. West!


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