Interview with Laura Fabiani

How long have you been writing?
I have always loved writing from the moment I could read. I wrote mainly poetry as a teenager and kept a short diary. I began several novels but never brought them to fruition. This led me to obtain a diploma in Writing For Children and Teenagers from the Institute of Children’s Literature to better learn the craft, cementing my desire to be a writer. A few years ago, I read the caption next to my graduation photo in my high school yearbook, which stated that I wanted to write a book one day. I decided then that the day had arrived.

What's the best thing about being a writer?
The best thing about being a writer? Creating stories that touch people’s lives; sharing my thoughts, perceptions and values with others; using pen and paper to liberate and express myself as an outlet for my creativity and my pain; being part of a unique vocation, and the list could go on.

Tell us a bit about your book Daughter of Mine.
Daughter of Mine is a novel I began about ten years ago. I abandoned the project when I had my children, but it always stayed in my mind. I created my characters and plot in my head when the breastfeeding nights were long or when my post-partum depression threatened to overwhelm me. I created a new and exciting adventure in my mind and this kept me sane!
Daughter of Mine is essentially a story about family, about the power of parental love and forgiveness, about the need to search for one’s roots. It’s a great book through which one can escape with the heroine on her adventure and travels to Italy.

The book is set in Italy, how did you research?

I am Italian-Canadian, born in Montreal. My parents are both Italian immigrants and I grew up speaking simultaneously Italian, English and French. I have travelled to Italy several times as my mother has all her family in Rome. All the places I write about I have visited with the exception of the Villa Irlanda Grand Hotel, which I researched extensively through the Internet.

Who is your publisher and why did you choose them?
My publisher is iUniverse, a publishing company that offers supported self-publishing. I did not know much about the publishing world until I walked into a bookstore one day and spotted the book Get Published! I bought it and read it with mounting interest, discovering the different publishing options for writers who wanted to see their work in print. I decided to self-publish my novel for two basic reasons: to have control over my content and to get my book out in less time than if it went the traditional route. I learned many things along the way. The most important is that if you choose to self-publish, you must get your book professionally edited, which is what I did. This opened up new doors for me getting my book into the largest bookstore in Canada, where it was perched next to the bestsellers in the store’s front section.

Where can people find out more about you and your writing?
My personal Web site is This is where readers get an idea of who I am, can read more on my book and how to purchase, can read some of my poetry and learn how they too can get more involved with their own writing. Readers can also connect with me on Facebook, Twitter and Goodreads.

You're involved in a site called NouveauWriter. Please tell us more about the site.

NouveauWriter is an online resource for new and aspiring writers that I created shortly after I was published. The reason was simply to share all I had learned about my writing and publishing journey with those writers who have a dream of writing and getting published but need inspiration and the right information. We are a team of three writers who offer articles mainly in these categories: Feature Article, English Essentials, Vocabulary Builder, Psychology in Writing, and Publishing and Marketing. We also do author interviews, book reviews, list contests and links to writer associations and organizations. We try to prepare the aspiring writer who wants to succeed.

Anything else you'd like to add?
It’s important for writers to connect with other writers. Never look at another writer as your competition but as your ally. It may very well be your writer friend who opens the way for your big break. I love helping other writers and the same has been done for me. On that note, thanks for this interview, Jo!


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