Interview with Laura Fabiani from NouveauWriter

What is NouveauWriter?

NouveauWriter is an online resource for new and aspiring writers. We are a team of three writers who publish articles about writing, publishing and marketing, improving English grammar, vocabulary building, and special articles on psychology in writing. In addition, we interview authors, post contest info, and give workshops. We offer a free monthly e-newsletter, with opt-in subscription, of our latest news and that of our subscribers, some of whom have published books and articles.

We are proud members of The Write Network. ( NouveauWriter is also winner of the Coup de Coeur Prize at the 17th Edition 2008 Quebec Entrepreneurship Contest.

When did you start it? Why?

I launched the NouveauWriter Web site in May 2008, after having done extensive Internet research as a new and aspiring writer myself. I did not find any Canadian sites in this particular niche so I decided to start one. Often, when a writer is new to the scene of book writing, publishing and marketing, the whole process can seem overwhelming.I wanted to share with other struggling writers what I learned on my writing and publishing journey. It was also a good way to build my author platform and to promote my novel. Two other writers joined me on my venture.

What services do you offer writers?

We offer relevant content, encouragement and inspiration for writers who wish to progress with their writing and need motivation to take it to the publishing stage. We also accept submission from writers who wish to contribute articles and want a taste of online publication. We offer workshops, and we do book reviews for authors who send us their books. We also interview writers whose work meets our author interview submission guidelines.

NouveauWriter also has a monthly e-newsletter. Please tell us a bit about it and how people can sign up.

Our e-newsletter is a monthly update of any new content recently published on our site. Because writers can easily become inundated with reading material, we formulate our e-newsletter with subheadings of the various sections of our site with the respective links leading directly to it. This way our readers can quickly access the article that catches their interest.

The e-newsletter also shares news about our subscribers, such as any work that got published or projects they are working on. We have found it to be a great way to keep in touch with our readers.

Readers can sign up to the e-newsletter simply by filling in their name and email address on the small form found on the front page of our site. They will receive a confirmation email and must confirm their subscription. When we say it’s a monthly e-newsletter, we mean it. Their inbox will not get flooded weekly. Our privacy policy is not to share, pass on or sell email addresses to any third party. We have thus succeeded in building a loyal subscriber list.

Where can people find out more about NouveauWriter?

By visiting our Web site at We welcome comments and questions. Feel free to contact us.

Anything else you'd like to add?
Thank you for offering to do a feature on NouveauWriter!


  1. Thanks for posting this interview, Jo, and for spreading the word about NouveauWriter. Would love to have "un gelato" with you in Rome one day...


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