Time Management: Finding and Organizing the Time to Write

Online course. Time Management: Finding and Organizing the Time to Write

About the class:

You want to write but you can't seem to find the time? Just the thought of writing a novel overwhelms you? You juggle work and family responsibilities, and are having difficulty incorporating the time to write?

Many writers feel the same way. However, it is possible to find the time to write and to organize it so that it will have its place among your hectic schedule.

This 4-week course will give you the tools to analyse your personal situation and help you create a custom organized writing schedule. If you truly want to write but are having difficulty getting started, staying on track, or continuing your writing, this course is for you.

About the instructor:

Laura Fabiani is a part-time working mother of two young children. She is actively involved in her community and volunteers on a regular basis. She wrote her first novel in one year while organizing two major events, working and teaching. This was possible due to her organizational skills and the writing tips she learned along the way.

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