Review of The third floor window

Title: The Third Floor Window
Author: Colleen Spiro

Reviewed by Tannia E. Ortiz-Lopes (

The Third Floor Window is the author's memoir of a lost childhood and a stolen innocence caused by many years of sexual abuse. From an early age, both the author and her sister were sexually abused by their father. The story is well written and brings hope to others who are struggling with similar situations.

The book is divided in different topics. On each section, Ms. Spiro opens the door of her memories and tells the story of a child who lived in fear and to this date is still searching for that fatherly love she never had. The book is written as a personal journal and in it she shares her adult's insecurities, victories, and constant determination to fully heal those open wounds and scars of her soul.

The book cover shows a picture of a faceless child looking outside a window with a white dove flying above her head. That faceless child represents all the children who are still victims of this horrific crime today. The dove represents the Holy Spirit bringing comfort and hope to those children looking for a way out and don't know where to go or who to trust.

I recommend this book to victims, survivors, counselors, families and friends, and religious leaders helping with the healing and self-worthiness process of these injured souls, whether they are still children or an adult.


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