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"The Internet has set the pace. In all of human history, there has never before been such an amazing system for establishing direct connections between the individual creators and recipients of information on such a grand scale.

In centuries past, independent writers & artists have often sought to establish such a connection directly with their audience. The development of a strong union between Internet technology and the independent spirit of the artist has always seemed inevitable, and consequently, we at expect to see a continued resurgence of writers & artists choosing to distribute their own work. With the help of the Internet, "cottage publishing" allows creators to retain complete control of their work, set up a Web page to promote it, and distribute to their audience directly. Creators and consumers will benefit, middlemen may become an endangered species, and finally, smaller niche markets that have been ignored will have access to esoteric and iconoclastic offerings.

To all who are surfing the Web...

Hey, you're probably going to buy a few books, magazines, and videos anyway, so why not use this directory and order something directly from the artist? Often, quantity discounts are available, regardless of whether you run a retail store or you're just someone who wants to pick up a few copies of a title at 30% off, to make quick work of your holiday gift list. Please bookmark this site and check back often, to view the newest listings in the directory.

To all independent writers, zine publishers, illustrators & others... is cooperative in nature. There is no charge for placing a listing in this directory, but we need to support each other. If you have something to offer, we hope that you will also, in turn, sample a few of the wonderful offerings that are being listed here. If every one of the thousands of people who are listed at remember to stop by here first the next time they're looking for a book, zine, video, or just looking for cool sites to surf, then will become the useful resource and valuable promotional tool for independent writers & artists that it was designed to be. Add to that, if even a small percentage of the millions of Internet surfers & shoppers, especially the ones who are looking for something beyond the ordinary, choose to "browse the isles" of then this Web site will become a grand success for all of us.

To learn more about how to make your work available, our Publishing Resources directory has a constantly growing list of people who can help you get your cottage publishing business started right away. We also have a new, simplified page explaining how to quickly and easily publish your book. Please contact us if you have any questions about this Web site, or any suggestions that you feel might improve its structure.


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