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NouveauWriter is an e-zine (electronic magazine) committed to helping new writers who aspire to become successful, published authors. It features articles that tackle the various issues that writers experience, and it offers its readers opportunities to apply their new knowledge. The goal of this e-zine is to assist writers, especially Canadians, to succeed in their endeavours and to give them the incentive to get to the publishing stage.

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Every month they will inspire you with their up-to-date articles and current information to help you succeed in your writing endeavours.

Contributors to the site include:

Laura Fabiani - Writer, Novelist, Editor

Laura Fabiani graduated in Special Care Counselling and received the Board of Directors Program Award. She holds a Diploma in Writing for Children and Teenagers and an Advanced Certificate in TESOL from the Canadian Institute of English. She teaches part-time and has published her first novel entitled Daughter of Mine. Visit her Web site at

Hannah Gilead - Writer, Poet

Hannah Gilead holds a Bachelor Degree in Psychology. She is now pursuing her Masters Degree. She teaches on a part-time basis.

Vasilios - Writer

Vasilios holds a Bachelor Degree in Psychology from Concordia University.

We also publish articles from various writers whose material is suitable for our site and who grant us permission to do so. We welcome articles from our readers. For further information on how to submit an article, please see our submission guidelines.


  1. Nouveau Writer is simply excellent. I found their site randomly and it's been the best resource I've seen so far for novices.


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