Interview with Terri Main of Marketing for Writers

* Tell us a bit about your Marketing for Writers site

The mission of is to provide assistance to writers in marketing their writing whether that be selling books, approaching editors or finding local writing opportunities. New articles will appear periodically in each of these areas. Additionally, I have a listing of services I can provide for a fee. However, I want to point out that even with the help of someone like me writing press releases, designing brochures and websites or helping prepare a marketing campaign, in today's world writers have to be proactive in promoting their own writing. This site helps them do just that.

* When did you start it?

That's a loaded question. I started it about 8 months ago and launched it about four months ago. I decided to try to put together the site using a template. Having used web design clients that allowed me more flexibility, it was frustrating to try and hack the template. So, it took me much longer than I anticipated. But I loved the design and I think it turned out well.

* Why?

Ah, the great existential question. Seriously, I found myself helping out a lot of authors in their marketing efforts giving them advice. A few started paying me for marketing help. I had been posting marketing advice on the Lost Genre Guild discussion board ( ) which were well received. So, I decided a website to help writers improve their marketing skills would be in order. It would also provide a venue where I could promote my own services as well.

I've discovered that many writers, even superior writers, find themselves at a loss when it comes to marketing the book they wrote. Since I've had many years of professional marketing experience in advertising and public relations, promotion is second nature to me. This web site helps other writers learn from my experience whether through the articles or through my paid services.

* What services do you offer?

I offer a full range of services. Your readers can find the full list at .

I offer the basic services such as writing press releases, feature articles, author bios, brochure copy and web design. Perhaps one thing I offer most don't is a full range of public speaking services. One of the most frequent concerns I hear from authors results from being asked to give a presentation at a club or some other gathering. These are fantastic opportunities to sell books and get one's name known, however, many are completely unprepared to speak in public.

I offer speechwriting services as well as video critiques of a client's speech. I have one package which includes a written speech and a video critique. In another package, I take you step-by-step through the process of preparing your speech and then provide you with video critiques to help you improve. As a Speech-communication major with 40 years experience in public speaking, a masters degree and a quarter century of experience teaching public speaking at the college level, this service definitely plays to one of my strengths.

* Where can people find out more about you and Marketing for Writers?

The web site is one place. They can also email me at with questions. Writers might also enjoy my Creative Calisthenics site ( My book of the same title will be published by The Writer's Cafe Press this summer, and this web site is preparing the ground work for that event.

They can also follow me on Twitter at for marketing tips and at for creativity tips and writing prompts. You can also follow updates on my personal twitter feed at . We are also starting a fan page on Facebook featuring marketing tips and news. It's pretty stark right now, but by the end of May it will be in better shape

Anything else you'd like to add?

Marketing scares some writers and wearies most of the rest. What I want to do is take some of the fear out of a writer's eyes by giving him or her some instruction and maybe help take some of the burden off his or her back through my paid services.


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