Interview with Stacy-Deanne

When did you decide to become a writer?

I never planned to be a writer. I always had a talent for storytelling and everyone said I was a very good writer when I was younger and in school. I got the calling to become an author in 1997 at nineteen. I got my first computer and from that point on it was like an invisible gate of fate opened up for me. I got the idea for a story and began writing it. I fell in love with writing and realized it was my purpose.

Tell us a bit about your books?

I released my first book, "Divas of the New Millennium" in 2005. It’s a compilation biography book focusing on some of today’s hottest female singers. "Everlasting" (2007) is a Latino love story centered on inner city teens dealing with real love and violence. Simon and Schuster published it. "Melody" (2008), also published by Simon and Schuster, is a suspense/thriller mystery centering on a young woman who goes to extreme lengths to prove that her sister’s new boyfriend is not who he seems to be. I’ve won awards for all three releases including two 2007 YGA awards for "Everlasting" and two 2008 YGA awards for "Melody".

A play version of melody is in the works. How did this come about?

A popular playwright here in Houston heard I was looking to make my books into films. He approached me with an interest in Melody and explained that he wanted to do a play of the book. It started from there and now a play is in the works.

Do you see your books becoming films one day? If so, did you think about this whilst writing them?

I definitely see my books being films one day. No I really didn’t think about that while writing them but I daydreamed how interesting it would be to see my characters come to life. I think all authors do at some point.

You've been nominated for several awards over the years. Has this helped your book sales?

Honestly I don’t know. Winning awards is a part of promotion and publicity and you never know which part of that publicity actually helps with sales. I do know that winning awards brings an author prestige and personally makes me very proud. It’s a good feeling when someone feels your book is worth that sort of recognition. Awards definitely increase popularity and they do impress readers and so I do believe they influence buyers. Readers pay attention to books that have won awards because they wonder what was so special about that book that it received that honor.

If you had to pick just 3 ways to promote your writing, which would you choose and why?

I would say book reviews, interviews and online promotion. Every writer needs book reviews. Book reviews are the number one form of promotion for authors. Even a bad review is good for a writer because every time you get a review your book is being exposed to another reader. Interviews are great because they allow readers to get close to authors. Online promotion is the best because there are no limits to the promotion you can accomplish. I’ve also done book signings but honestly I do not find them effective. These days it seems more trouble to put together a signing then what it is worth. I feel that as long as you promote some kind of way and get your books out there then you’re on the right track. Different things work best for different authors. The key is being devoted to promotion and doing the best you can with it.

Where can people find out more about you and your books?

You can find me everywhere on the net starting with my official site: and my Myspace page:

Anything else you'd like to add?

I would like fans and potential readers of Melody to know that the detectives in the story, Brianna and Steven will have their own series! The detectives have a lot of fans already and I am excited about this series. I know readers will be too. I am anticipating the release of the first installment to be my next book. Stay tuned for details.


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