Interview with Mohit Misra

When did you start writing?

I started writing at the age of thirty .Was siting in a cafe when a female friend of mine showed me a poem she had written for an online competition.I jested and said "thats not poetry, I will show you what poetry is" and wrote a poem in thirty minutes.Something clicked in me.
I took it up full time at the age of thirty three as I was given persistent signs by the cosmos to become a poet.I got enlightened in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean ate the age of twenty four while working as a Navigating Officer in the Merchant Navy.

What genre do you write? Why?

I write on god .spirituality, religion and religious philosophy.There are many great masterpieces but they are just too complicated for the common man. I needed to share my story of enlightenment in a simple way so all could understand.There is just One god and I hated the fact that different religions fought over the superiority of their prophet or religion.Want to show the similarities and oneness of religions.

Tell us a bit about your book 'Ponder Awhile'

Its a collection of fifty one poems on various aspects of god, life and death.Its written in very simple couplets as I need to reach out to all. Have put god across in a simple manner no one has till date and no one will.Then of course it will depend on the frequency or consciousness level you are in , according to which you will be able to penetrate the depth.

What inspired you to write this book?

God ,enlightenment, the signs , its the very reason I am here on this planet right now.
This is my job.

Do you have any tips for new writers wanting to enter this writing genre?

It must be a deep calling where your work becomes more important than you.

What takes you longer, writing the first draft or editing?

Both are a very difficult and time consuming.Took me roughly five years before I was content wit my work.

You've had quite a lot of press coverage for this book. Do you have any tips for writers wanting this type of visability?

Its all about the quality.I got most of my press coverage because of getting very highly ranked by internet libraries. Been ranked over many greats like Dante, Gibran, Kabir etc. which makes good news.

Where can people find out more about you and your writing?

" Ponder Awhile" is available on amazon and through "Turner Maxwell Books.".
I also write on Scribd, Hubpages , and a few other online forums.

Anything else you'd like to add?

"Poetry is considered a mental exercise of the highest order possible and carried out only by the enlightened ones, please take this divine art very seriously. "


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