Interview with Carol Denbow of the Writers Gift Shop

Tell us a bit about The Writers Gift Shop

The Writer’s Gift Shop at is an online boutique just for writers, authors, and poets. It has unique products designed to help you market your book or simply express yourself as an author or poet.

When did you start it?

I opened the shop last year and it has been running continuously since that time.


That’s a funny story actually. I was sharing an author booth along with some fellow authors at a local festival here in North Bend, Oregon. At these festivals, Sundays are brutally slow. As the small group of us sat alone in our booth, spectators strolled past seemingly uninterested in our books. Out of frustration (and boredom), we began to mumble amongst ourselves phrases such as “buy my book, dammit!” Well I was determined that this year I would wear a shirt saying just that—and I will!

Successful book marketing takes some truly creative thinking. One way to get the book lovers attention is to blatantly put it in front of them; clothing does that. Be it a t-shirt with an attention-grabbing phrase, or your books cover image, it all starts by getting your book noticed.

What types of items do you sell?

Not just t-shirts, but hats, mugs, pillows, journals, and numerous other unique items for writers. We even have a Teddy Bear at the shop!

What is your best selling item?

That would definitely be the basic “Author” T. No one will know you’re an author unless you tell them so—this shirt does just that.

Where can people find out more about The Writers Gift Shop?

Simply click on and take a peek at all the fun stuff “just for writers, authors, and poets.

Anything else you'd like to add?

Yes, definitely. Writers are creative people and typically enjoy expressing their creativity. But once the book is finished, some new authors draw a blank on creative book marketing. The Writer’s Gift Shop is a great place to find tools needed to promote your book. Wear your authorship proudly—tell the world you are an author!


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