Interview with Mohit Misra

When did you start writing?

I started writing at the age of thirty .Was siting in a cafe when a female friend of mine showed me a poem she had written for an online competition.I jested and said "thats not poetry, I will show you what poetry is" and wrote a poem in thirty minutes.Something clicked in me.
I took it up full time at the age of thirty three as I was given persistent signs by the cosmos to become a poet.I got enlightened in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean ate the age of twenty four while working as a Navigating Officer in the Merchant Navy.

What genre do you write? Why?

I write on god .spirituality, religion and religious philosophy.There are many great masterpieces but they are just too complicated for the common man. I needed to share my story of enlightenment in a simple way so all could understand.There is just One god and I hated the fact that different religions fought over the superiority of their prophet or religion.Want to show the similarities and oneness of religions.

Tell us a bit about your book 'Ponder Awhile'

Its a collection of fifty one poems on various aspects of god, life and death.Its written in very simple couplets as I need to reach out to all. Have put god across in a simple manner no one has till date and no one will.Then of course it will depend on the frequency or consciousness level you are in , according to which you will be able to penetrate the depth.

What inspired you to write this book?

God ,enlightenment, the signs , its the very reason I am here on this planet right now.
This is my job.

Do you have any tips for new writers wanting to enter this writing genre?

It must be a deep calling where your work becomes more important than you.

What takes you longer, writing the first draft or editing?

Both are a very difficult and time consuming.Took me roughly five years before I was content wit my work.

You've had quite a lot of press coverage for this book. Do you have any tips for writers wanting this type of visability?

Its all about the quality.I got most of my press coverage because of getting very highly ranked by internet libraries. Been ranked over many greats like Dante, Gibran, Kabir etc. which makes good news.

Where can people find out more about you and your writing?

" Ponder Awhile" is available on amazon and through "Turner Maxwell Books.".
I also write on Scribd, Hubpages , and a few other online forums.

Anything else you'd like to add?

"Poetry is considered a mental exercise of the highest order possible and carried out only by the enlightened ones, please take this divine art very seriously. "
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The Write Network

About The Write Network

TheWriteNetwork brings together articles from a range of great websites for writing, with each article doing one simple thing -

helping writers do things right write

Ranging from details on writing your first novel or poem, writing for effective business, journalism, blogging, copywriting and even writing for SEO, we will bring together to one place helpful articles on writing.

Plus along with advice for hands-on-writing, you will also find a little writing humour, know-how on great writing tools and also useful nuggest on inspiration, productivity and creativity so that you can blast away any writer's block.

Each entry is tagged with keywords to help you find the articles you are looking for and you can also subscribe via rss to keep updated on the latest posts.

Being free is important to us (isn't that we love writing?). So everything on The Write Network is free too. None of the articles or contributing sites will be behind subscription fees. All will be free to read, free to subscribe and free to join.

The Write Network helps join bloggers within the writing community to help develop the writing community.
Join The Write Network

If you have a blog which helps writers write and are interested in joining us; we would love to hear from you - simply submit your interest on our simple form.

Writers and Authors is a proud member of The Write Network. Visit for more details.
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Dear Colleague,

On behalf of all the Editors-in-chief of Elsevier Journals, we wish to Communicate to you that we are currently accepting manuscripts in all Fields of human Endeavour.
All articles published will be peer-reviewed. The following types of papers are considered for publication:

• Original articles in basic and applied research.
• Critical reviews, surveys, opinions, commentaries and essays.

Authors are invited to submit manuscripts reporting recent developments in their fields. Papers submitted will be sorted out and published in any of our numerous journals that best Fits. This is a special publication procedure which published works will be discussed at seminars (organized by Elsevier) at strategic Cities all over the world. Please maximize this opportunity to showcase your research work to the world.

The submitted papers must be written in English and describe original research not published nor currently under review by other journals. Parallel submissions will not be accepted.

Our goal is to inform authors about their paper(s) within one week of receipt. All submitted papers, if relevant to the theme and objectives of the journal, will go through an external peer-review process.

Prospective authors should send their manuscript(s) in Microsoft Word or PDF format to and should Include a cover sheet containing corresponding Author(s) name, Paper Title, affiliation, phone, fax number, email address etc.

Kind Regards,

Emily Robinson(Prof.)

PS: Pls. show interest by mailing if your Manuscript is not ready but will be ready soon.
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Review of Italian for Tourists Pocket Edition

Title: Italian for Tourists Pocket Edition
Author: Jo Linsdell
ISBN: 978-1-4092-7826-9
Cost: €10,35

Reviewed by Jamieson Wolf

I have always wanted to learn Italian.

There are several reasons for this; but most of all because the language sounds so incredibly beautiful. I would listen to foreign films, to operas, to Italian music and think to myself: I wish I could speak in such a beautiful language.

I would wonder, though, what I would do if I ever travelled to Italy. I’ve looked at every phrase book, every guide book and found no help within their pages. They would talk of grammar, punctuation, places to visit, sites of interest. But none of them ever taught me how to speak Italian.

Until now.

Upon flipping through Italian for Tourists by Jo Lindsell, the whole book looked rather simplistic. After reading through the book several times, I realized that this was part of the books beauty.

What Jo has done is to take a language and bring it back to it’s basics, back to its beauty. She has made the impossible possible with Italian for Tourists: she has helped me to learn another language.

I often struggle with learning new languages and new phrases, but Jo makes it incredibly easy. Italian for Tourists gives you every bit of language that you could possibly need if you were on holiday in Italy.

Divided into seventeen sections, all a tourist has to do is skim the table of contents and skip to the correct section. Sections include hotels, sight seeing, food and drink, greetings and more. Even better, each word and each phrase comes with a pronunciation guide, helping you speak like a true Italian in no time.

I never knew that learning another language could be so simple, so helpful and so much fun. If ever you are going to visit Italy, this is the only book you will need!
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Call for experts

Hi everyone,

I'm currently looking for people to interview for this site. I offer this service free of charge. I ask only that you promote your interview (and therefore the site) where possible...oh and nominating the site for awards is a big thumbs up too ;)

I'm looking for 'experts' from the industry to interview for the wednesday posts. By 'experts' I mean publishers, editors, PR, graphic designers, agents, virtual assistants, sites for writers etc... Basically anyone who offers a service for writers.
Anyone interested should email and include a weblink to their site.

Please pass on this invitation to anyone you know that might be interested.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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Interview with Stacy-Deanne

When did you decide to become a writer?

I never planned to be a writer. I always had a talent for storytelling and everyone said I was a very good writer when I was younger and in school. I got the calling to become an author in 1997 at nineteen. I got my first computer and from that point on it was like an invisible gate of fate opened up for me. I got the idea for a story and began writing it. I fell in love with writing and realized it was my purpose.

Tell us a bit about your books?

I released my first book, "Divas of the New Millennium" in 2005. It’s a compilation biography book focusing on some of today’s hottest female singers. "Everlasting" (2007) is a Latino love story centered on inner city teens dealing with real love and violence. Simon and Schuster published it. "Melody" (2008), also published by Simon and Schuster, is a suspense/thriller mystery centering on a young woman who goes to extreme lengths to prove that her sister’s new boyfriend is not who he seems to be. I’ve won awards for all three releases including two 2007 YGA awards for "Everlasting" and two 2008 YGA awards for "Melody".

A play version of melody is in the works. How did this come about?

A popular playwright here in Houston heard I was looking to make my books into films. He approached me with an interest in Melody and explained that he wanted to do a play of the book. It started from there and now a play is in the works.

Do you see your books becoming films one day? If so, did you think about this whilst writing them?

I definitely see my books being films one day. No I really didn’t think about that while writing them but I daydreamed how interesting it would be to see my characters come to life. I think all authors do at some point.

You've been nominated for several awards over the years. Has this helped your book sales?

Honestly I don’t know. Winning awards is a part of promotion and publicity and you never know which part of that publicity actually helps with sales. I do know that winning awards brings an author prestige and personally makes me very proud. It’s a good feeling when someone feels your book is worth that sort of recognition. Awards definitely increase popularity and they do impress readers and so I do believe they influence buyers. Readers pay attention to books that have won awards because they wonder what was so special about that book that it received that honor.

If you had to pick just 3 ways to promote your writing, which would you choose and why?

I would say book reviews, interviews and online promotion. Every writer needs book reviews. Book reviews are the number one form of promotion for authors. Even a bad review is good for a writer because every time you get a review your book is being exposed to another reader. Interviews are great because they allow readers to get close to authors. Online promotion is the best because there are no limits to the promotion you can accomplish. I’ve also done book signings but honestly I do not find them effective. These days it seems more trouble to put together a signing then what it is worth. I feel that as long as you promote some kind of way and get your books out there then you’re on the right track. Different things work best for different authors. The key is being devoted to promotion and doing the best you can with it.

Where can people find out more about you and your books?

You can find me everywhere on the net starting with my official site: and my Myspace page:

Anything else you'd like to add?

I would like fans and potential readers of Melody to know that the detectives in the story, Brianna and Steven will have their own series! The detectives have a lot of fans already and I am excited about this series. I know readers will be too. I am anticipating the release of the first installment to be my next book. Stay tuned for details.
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Where Published Authors Promote Their Books & New Authors Learn How To Get Published has provided free book marketing for authors since 1999. We encourage all authors to make the Book Directory their first book marketing move for all new or previously published titles. It’s totally free and comes with no strings attached -- it’s our way of supporting independently published writers and artists.

You can upload your book’s cover, blurb, and link to your sales page. The high Google page rank of this directory will help interested readers find your book. And, if you have a website or a blog for your book, a link from can help improve your site’s search engine ranking.

Plus, we have tons of great resources for authors already published and those seeking to still get published. Learn about everything from how to get your published book into independent bookstores to how to generate a buzz for your published book on Myspace. We even have links to discounted office furniture for writers in all 50 states.

Add Your Book to the Directory , Learn How To Market Your Book , Market your book to online book clubs.

"The Internet has set the pace. In all of human history, there has never before been such an amazing system for establishing direct connections between the individual creators and recipients of information on such a grand scale.

In centuries past, independent writers & artists have often sought to establish such a connection directly with their audience. The development of a strong union between Internet technology and the independent spirit of the artist has always seemed inevitable, and consequently, we at expect to see a continued resurgence of writers & artists choosing to distribute their own work. With the help of the Internet, "cottage publishing" allows creators to retain complete control of their work, set up a Web page to promote it, and distribute to their audience directly. Creators and consumers will benefit, middlemen may become an endangered species, and finally, smaller niche markets that have been ignored will have access to esoteric and iconoclastic offerings.

To all who are surfing the Web...

Hey, you're probably going to buy a few books, magazines, and videos anyway, so why not use this directory and order something directly from the artist? Often, quantity discounts are available, regardless of whether you run a retail store or you're just someone who wants to pick up a few copies of a title at 30% off, to make quick work of your holiday gift list. Please bookmark this site and check back often, to view the newest listings in the directory.

To all independent writers, zine publishers, illustrators & others... is cooperative in nature. There is no charge for placing a listing in this directory, but we need to support each other. If you have something to offer, we hope that you will also, in turn, sample a few of the wonderful offerings that are being listed here. If every one of the thousands of people who are listed at remember to stop by here first the next time they're looking for a book, zine, video, or just looking for cool sites to surf, then will become the useful resource and valuable promotional tool for independent writers & artists that it was designed to be. Add to that, if even a small percentage of the millions of Internet surfers & shoppers, especially the ones who are looking for something beyond the ordinary, choose to "browse the isles" of then this Web site will become a grand success for all of us.

To learn more about how to make your work available, our Publishing Resources directory has a constantly growing list of people who can help you get your cottage publishing business started right away. We also have a new, simplified page explaining how to quickly and easily publish your book. Please contact us if you have any questions about this Web site, or any suggestions that you feel might improve its structure.


The Webmaster -"

For full details visit
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Time Management: Finding and Organizing the Time to Write

Online course. Time Management: Finding and Organizing the Time to Write

About the class:

You want to write but you can't seem to find the time? Just the thought of writing a novel overwhelms you? You juggle work and family responsibilities, and are having difficulty incorporating the time to write?

Many writers feel the same way. However, it is possible to find the time to write and to organize it so that it will have its place among your hectic schedule.

This 4-week course will give you the tools to analyse your personal situation and help you create a custom organized writing schedule. If you truly want to write but are having difficulty getting started, staying on track, or continuing your writing, this course is for you.

About the instructor:

Laura Fabiani is a part-time working mother of two young children. She is actively involved in her community and volunteers on a regular basis. She wrote her first novel in one year while organizing two major events, working and teaching. This was possible due to her organizational skills and the writing tips she learned along the way.

Visit for more details
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Review of Bingo the Banjo Picking Bear

Title: Bingo the Banjo Picking Bear
Author: Jay Miller
Publisher: Outskirts Press Inc.
Cost: $ 14.95

Reviewed by JO Linsdell for The Weekly Book Review

With Bingo the Banjo Picking Bear, Jay Miller teaches important lessons through rhymes and verses.

Bingo, a young bear cub, loves music and wishes to have a banjo so he could play for his Grandpa. One day he catches a small fish who grants him that wish, as long as he sets him free. Time passes and Bingo catches the same fish only now he’s grown big. The fish tells Bingo that he has safely kept the banjo he had wished for until they met again. Bingo has fun singing songs and playing his banjo for Grandpa.

This delightful tale educates on when to catch and release fish, whilst underlining the importance of family relationships.

The colourful illustrations by Bobbi Switzer accompany this charming story.

I’m sure that all young children will enjoy reading this book and singing the songs. My son makes me read it to him over and over!
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Interview with Karen Cioffi from VBT - Writers on the Move

What is VBT - Writers on the Move?
VBT – Writers on the Move was originally created as a virtual book tour group, but quickly evolved into a promotional group. We are a group of authors who cross-promote using monthly virtual tours; monthly mystery site giveaways; monthly Viewpoint/Hot Topic segments; link exchanges; library marketing, reviews; and I’m looking into getting the members weekly spots on blog radio. We even have a VBT – Writers on the Move blogsite where the members are contributing authors, and we have a Twitter account. Visibility is one of the building blocks of any marketing campaign and we at VBT – Writers on the Move are always looking for ways to increase our visibility and readership.

When was the group created? Why?
VBT – Writers on the Move was created in November of 2008. I attended The Muse Online Writers Conference in October of that year; one of the workshops I participated in was with Denise Cassino – it was on marketing. Denise suggested the attendees of the workshop do virtual book tours for each other. She even created a list of the attendees who would be interested. I contacted a few of them and created the VBT group. We were fortunate enough to have others hear about us and join up. We’ve grown into a wonderful group of writers who care about helping each other move forward in our promotional efforts.

How many writers do you have in the group so far?
We have 29 writers in the group at this time. These wonderful authors/writers include a children’s book publisher, a children’s magazine publisher, an editor, two marketing gurus, and a number of award winning authors.

How do writers join the group?

We are always looking for authors who want to create or increase their visibility. Since we cross promote and one of our strategies is monthly virtual tours, being a member does require a bit of commitment. Each member is required to host another member the first and third of each month. We count on each other to follow through.

While we cover a number of genres, we do not promote graphic sex, violence, hatred, racism, and so on.
If any of your readers are interested and would like to learn more about our group, they can contact me at:
And, please put [VBT – Jo Linsdell] in the subject box.

Anything else you'd like to add?
To promote means to move forward; to help bring about or further the growth of. That’s what we do at VBT – Writers on the Move, we move forward by bringing about and furthering our visibility. As authors we need to continually promote ourselves and our work; VBT – Writers on the Move can be an effective tool in your marketing strategy.
And, I’d like to thank you, Jo, for the wonderful opportunity.
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Interview with Martha Ramirez

What made you start writing childrens books?

My toddler is fascinated with books. One day my son opened a book and just stared intently at it as if it captivated him. I remember hearing how celebrities such as Brooke Shields and Madonna have written children's books. From then on I thought if they could do it why can't I? That's when Fred the Frog came along out of nowhere.

Please tell us about your latest book?

Gonzo the Curious Cat was inspired by my brother-in-law Gonzalo, AKA "Gonzo." When he was a young boy he was struck by a car, it nearly ended his life. In 2008 it happened again. A car struck him, nearly ending his life once more. What are the odds of that? I went to visit him in the hospital and I got this compelling need to write a story for children about safety awareness. Each character is named after a family member. The book is actually based on many misadventures that my brother-in-law has lived through. He's just like a cat with 9 lives. It is also dedicated to my father-in-law who recently passed away (Farmer Louie).

Where do you get the inspiration from for your books?

Where do I get my inspiration? Good question. It's difficult to say because it's just something I carry in my heart. Sure certain things can trigger ideas, everything around us is a potential idea for books, but it's the never ending passion I have to create stories that gives me the inspiration to write and create. I think knowing that my son will one day read my work makes it all worthwhile and special.

In April this year Gonzo the Curious Cat won Best Cover art in The Authors Lounge awards. Do you design the covers for your books yourself?

Gonzo the Curious Cat was actually my first water color experience. Because it is a self-published title I was able to choose an illustration for the front cover. My first book, The Fabulous Adventures of Fred the Frog is a POD title. The publisher originally chose a different cover that was identical to the title page. It wasn't what I had in mind. After a few suggestions they created exactly what I visualized. I was very pleased with the outcome.

Do you have any tips for new writers wishing to write childrens books?

Write, write, write with your heart's content and don't give up. Read books in the genre you want to write in. Don't ever stop learning. Don't be afraid to ask authors questions. You'll never know the answer if you don't ask.

Where can people find out more about you and your writing?

I am currently seeking representation for my debut novel. I am also working on both a paranormal romance story and a memoir (as well as other children books). You may visit my Website at: I also have a blog at: and a reviews

Anything else you'd like to add?

Where there's a will there's a way. It's a tough world, but just imagine if all successful people gave up, we wouldn't have lawyers, doctors, or even a president! I often like to turn to these quotes. Visit and click on MY QUOTES page for more inspiration. Keep reaching; keep believing, if you don't who will?

"Rejections are often gifts of direction"

-Paul Young

"No one can make you feel inferior without your consent"

-Eleanor Roosevelt
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Nouveau Writer

NouveauWriter is an e-zine (electronic magazine) committed to helping new writers who aspire to become successful, published authors. It features articles that tackle the various issues that writers experience, and it offers its readers opportunities to apply their new knowledge. The goal of this e-zine is to assist writers, especially Canadians, to succeed in their endeavours and to give them the incentive to get to the publishing stage.

You can also sign up for their free newsletter When you subscribe to their newsletter today, you will receive a free copy of the e-book, Ten Tips to Writing a Good Book. It contains the basic tips to get you started on the right track to writing that book you've been dreaming of...
Every month they will inspire you with their up-to-date articles and current information to help you succeed in your writing endeavours.

Contributors to the site include:

Laura Fabiani - Writer, Novelist, Editor

Laura Fabiani graduated in Special Care Counselling and received the Board of Directors Program Award. She holds a Diploma in Writing for Children and Teenagers and an Advanced Certificate in TESOL from the Canadian Institute of English. She teaches part-time and has published her first novel entitled Daughter of Mine. Visit her Web site at

Hannah Gilead - Writer, Poet

Hannah Gilead holds a Bachelor Degree in Psychology. She is now pursuing her Masters Degree. She teaches on a part-time basis.

Vasilios - Writer

Vasilios holds a Bachelor Degree in Psychology from Concordia University.

We also publish articles from various writers whose material is suitable for our site and who grant us permission to do so. We welcome articles from our readers. For further information on how to submit an article, please see our submission guidelines.
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Red River Writers Live Blog Talk Radio show

On Wednesday, May 27th, at noon Central time, saw the launch a new intertnet radio show 'Red River Writers Live Blog Talk Radio show'.

They have a great schedule of Hosts for our shows with varied agendas. There is an opportunity for every Red River Writer member to guest at Red River Writers Live.

Red River Writers Live Hosts are April Robins, CJ West, JD Holiday, Jean Henry Mead and Jeff LeJeune. April guests RRW members allowing them a 2 minute promo on their work. CJ reviews books by unknown Mystery and Thriller Authors. JD chitchats “How To” with writers discussing their techniques and listening to their readings. Jean’s show is called Books for Boomers. Jeff is interviewing published authors. Of course other topics will surface as they appear.

Jeff will Host the 1st Wednesday of the Month.
CJ will Host the 2nd Wednesday of the Month.
Jan will Host the 3rd Wednesday of the Month.
Jean will Host the 4th Wednesday of the Month.
April will Host the 4 extra Wednesday’s of the Year.

Currently all shows are 30 minutes long and scheduled on Wednesdays at noon Central Time Zone.

On Wednesday, May 27th, April Robins will introduce the co-host of their Blog Talk Radio show Red River Writers Live. They are CJ West, J.D. Holiday, Jean Henry Mead, and Jeff LeJeune. They will discuss the format of their new shows and answer questions from listeners.

On Wednesday, June 3rd, Jeff LeJeune, the founding English Chairperson and basketball coach at St. Dominic Savio Catholic High School in Austin, Texas, will host Red River Writers Live. He has authored the allegorical novel, The Final Chase, published by SterlingHouse Publisher in 2005. His second novel, Postmarked Baltimore, received an Honorable Mention in the 2008 New England Book Festival. In this Red River Writers Live! episode, Casey Vincent, Math teacher and former Basketball coach, discusses the importance of literature and stories in our society.

On Wednesday, June 10th, CJ West's guest will be Marla Cukor, award-winning journalist and screenwriter. She writes for the magazine In Touch Weekly, writes short films and also writes feature length movies. Marla was responsible for the adaptation of Sin & Vengeance for film. So, if you'd like to talk about the process of adapting a book for film, next month you can get both sides of the coin. CJ will share his experiences as author and Marla can answer your screenwriting questions. It should be a very fun show. Category: Film. Rating: Adults Only.

On Wednesday, June 17th, J.D. Holiday’s will chat with Award winning editor, author and publisher VS Grenier, Founder & Owner of Stories for Children Publishing, and Editor-in-Chief of Stories for Children Magazine and SFC Newsletter for Writers. Virginia has a children’s book coming out this fall called: "Babysitting SugarPaw." We will also touch on the importance of scenes.
Blog Talk Radio:
VS Grenier's sites are:
To find out more about JD Holiday go to her website:
JD's Blog:
Category: Books. Rating: Everyone

On Wednesday, June 24th, Jean Henry Mead’s will host "Books for Boomers," featuring guests from the Boomer generation as well as retirees who like to read about people their own ages. My first guest will be Stephanie Osborn, author of BURNOUT and the Y FACTOR. Stephanie worked in the aerospace industry for 20 years and schooled astronauts, among other fascinating jobs. Be sure to tune in for an entertaining half hour with Stephanie Osborn and me. She has a great sense of humor.

To complete our Frasier style Cast and Crew, we have added two Assistants that we lovingly call Roz, Dellani Oakes And Laurie Zieber. They will be manning the switchboard and/or chat room while the Host interviews guest and answers questions from listeners.

To attend and participate in the shows dial the
Call-in Number: (646) 595-4478
Log onto then search for Red River Writers Live. Click on the current show and you can leave a written comment.
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Review of The third floor window

Title: The Third Floor Window
Author: Colleen Spiro

Reviewed by Tannia E. Ortiz-Lopes (

The Third Floor Window is the author's memoir of a lost childhood and a stolen innocence caused by many years of sexual abuse. From an early age, both the author and her sister were sexually abused by their father. The story is well written and brings hope to others who are struggling with similar situations.

The book is divided in different topics. On each section, Ms. Spiro opens the door of her memories and tells the story of a child who lived in fear and to this date is still searching for that fatherly love she never had. The book is written as a personal journal and in it she shares her adult's insecurities, victories, and constant determination to fully heal those open wounds and scars of her soul.

The book cover shows a picture of a faceless child looking outside a window with a white dove flying above her head. That faceless child represents all the children who are still victims of this horrific crime today. The dove represents the Holy Spirit bringing comfort and hope to those children looking for a way out and don't know where to go or who to trust.

I recommend this book to victims, survivors, counselors, families and friends, and religious leaders helping with the healing and self-worthiness process of these injured souls, whether they are still children or an adult.
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Interview with Carol Denbow of the Writers Gift Shop

Tell us a bit about The Writers Gift Shop

The Writer’s Gift Shop at is an online boutique just for writers, authors, and poets. It has unique products designed to help you market your book or simply express yourself as an author or poet.

When did you start it?

I opened the shop last year and it has been running continuously since that time.


That’s a funny story actually. I was sharing an author booth along with some fellow authors at a local festival here in North Bend, Oregon. At these festivals, Sundays are brutally slow. As the small group of us sat alone in our booth, spectators strolled past seemingly uninterested in our books. Out of frustration (and boredom), we began to mumble amongst ourselves phrases such as “buy my book, dammit!” Well I was determined that this year I would wear a shirt saying just that—and I will!

Successful book marketing takes some truly creative thinking. One way to get the book lovers attention is to blatantly put it in front of them; clothing does that. Be it a t-shirt with an attention-grabbing phrase, or your books cover image, it all starts by getting your book noticed.

What types of items do you sell?

Not just t-shirts, but hats, mugs, pillows, journals, and numerous other unique items for writers. We even have a Teddy Bear at the shop!

What is your best selling item?

That would definitely be the basic “Author” T. No one will know you’re an author unless you tell them so—this shirt does just that.

Where can people find out more about The Writers Gift Shop?

Simply click on and take a peek at all the fun stuff “just for writers, authors, and poets.

Anything else you'd like to add?

Yes, definitely. Writers are creative people and typically enjoy expressing their creativity. But once the book is finished, some new authors draw a blank on creative book marketing. The Writer’s Gift Shop is a great place to find tools needed to promote your book. Wear your authorship proudly—tell the world you are an author!
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Interview with Penny Lockwood Ehrenkranz

When did you start writing?
Like many other writers, I started as soon as I could write letters and spell words. My father used to make up stories to tell me when I was a child and that got me hooked on making up my own stories. I would entertain myself by writing "books," illustrating them and binding them together. I continued to write throughout my childhood. If I wasn't writing stories, I was writing lengthy letters to my cousins who lived in other states and a pen pal I got through a program at school. After high school, I attempted to sell my work, but I got rejected, as most people do. Unfortunately, I didn't know that rejection doesn't mean you aren't a good writer, it only means you haven't found the right editor or sent the right piece to the right publication. It took me many more years before I got the courage to try again. In 1993, I took a correspondence course and started submitting and being accepted for publication.

Please tell us a bit about your book Ghost for rent?

Ghost for Rent is a middle grade novel, aimed at children in grades five through seven. The main character, Wendy Wiles, is eleven years old. Her brother, and arch-tease, Mike, is twelve. After her parents decide to separate, their mom moves with the children to an old rental home in rural Oregon, about thirty miles from Portland. Wendy is devastated. To make matters worse, she soon learns their new home is haunted. While Wendy's mother insists there's no such thing as ghosts, Wendy has many ghostly encounters and decides it's time to find out why. Enlisting the aid of her new friend, Jennifer, Wendy goes on a quest to find out why the ghosts are trying to communicate with her. Ultimately, brother Mike joins the team and the three follow clues and dig into old newspapers to find their answers. It's a book about dealing with parental separation, moving to a new school, making new friends, and solving a mystery.

Who is your publisher and why did you choose them?
My book is published by Hard Shell Word Factory. As a first time novelist, I was hesitant to try to get the attention of a major publishing house. I thought I might have more success with an electronic book publisher. I researched several on-line publishers and decided to submit to Hard Shell. I was very pleased when they accepted the book as they also offered it in trade paperback as a print on demand version. I looked at other publishers as well,but mainly wanted one who dealt with children's books, who had been around for awhile, and who seemed to be supportive of their authors.

What do you like best about writing suspense/thrillers?
This is a paranormal mystery. I enjoyed writing it mainly because I live in an area where there have been a lot of ghost sightings. When I decided to write a novel, it seemed appropriate to set it here where I live. I believe there are ghosts among us, and it felt quite natural to write this particular story. I read for entertainment and for escape, so most of my stories are designed to do that for my readers. As ghost stories go, this isn't particularly scary. There isn't any blood and gore or "evil" happenings.

What do you do to market your books?

This is my first and so far only book. I'm working on a sequel right now. When I first published the book in 2003, I didn't know much about marketing. I've learned a lot since then by networking with other writers and attending conferences. With this book, I had a book signing at my local independent book store and there was a piece published in our local paper. I sent a notice to everyone in my email address book. Now, I realize there is so much more which can be done. With the next book, I hope to learn even more. I'm doing a blog tour now which I hope will bring me more exposure and entice new readers to purchase the book. I don't yet have a web site, but I do have a blog at I'm hoping to put together a web site as this seems to be an important marketing tool.

Where can people find out more about you and your writing?
I have a blog where I talk about writing. It's aimed more at other writers and hope to give them some writing tips and encouragement. It's located at
* Ghost for Rent can be purchased at the following web sites: (this is the site for trade paperback)

Anything else you'd like to add?
I try to be versatile in my writing and write for both adults and children. I find it's important to not focus on one type of writing, but write non-fiction as well as fiction.
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Editor Unleashed writing contest

Don’t miss this groundbreaking new writing contest sponsored exclusively by two great online resources for writers: Editor Unleashed and Smashwords!

Cash prizes to 40 writers including a $500 Grand Prize and publication in the Editor Unleashed/ Smashwords Flash Fiction 40 anthology.

You help choose the winner. No entry fee!

The Dates:
May 18th - June 14, 2009: Post your story on the Editor Unleashed forum.
June 15 - June 26, 2009: The Popular Vote. Stories ranked by members of the Editor Unleashed forum.
June 30, 2009: 40 Winners announced!

How to Enter:
• Writers post flash fiction of 1,000 words or less on the Editor Unleashed forum. Contestants must be registered members of the forum to enter. (Membership is free. Only one entry per writer please.)

You Help Choose the Winners:
• All members of the Editor Unleashed forum will be eligible to rank stories. The popular vote will help decide the winners!
• With close consideration to popular ranking, Top 40 winners—including Grand Prize winner—will be chosen by Maria Schneider of Editor Unleashed with assistance from a select group of agents and editors.

Prizes and Promotions:
• The Grand Prize winner will receive a $500 cash prize (courtesy of Smashwords) and will be interviewed and promoted on the Editor Unleashed and Smashwords blogs. The Grand Prize winning story will appear first in The Editor Unleashed/Smashwords Flash Fiction 40 anthology.

• 39 Editor’s Choice winners will each receive $25 and have their stories included in The Editor Unleashed/Smashwords Flash Fiction 40 anthology published by Smashwords as a free ebook. Once published at Smashwords, the anthology will also be available in other online bookstores that distribute Smashwords ebooks, including Stanza,the ebook reading app used by over 1.5 million iPhone and iPod Touch users to read ebooks.

• Entrants grant Editor Unleashed and Smashwords non-exclusive digital rights to publish their story in a digital anthology available on Smashwords and in online bookstores and websites that distribute Smashwords books. You keep full rights to your story.

• All 40 winning stories will be promoted on the Editor Unleashed and Smashwords blogs.

visit for full details
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Review of In the shadow of death

Author: Walter B.Littlejohn

BookSurge (330 pp.)
$15.99 paperback
ISBN: 978-1-4392-0045-2

Book Review by Kirkus Discoveries, Nielsen Business Media, 770 Broadway, New York, NY 10003

A former World War II POW goes on a vengeful murder spree only to be hunted by the Japanese soldier who once saved his life, in Littlejohn’s debut novel.

The narrative begins in 1941, two years into World War II, when American soldier Jack Collins is taken prisoner in the Philippines after the fall of Bataan. Like most POW camps, the one that confines Jack is a hellish nightmare, most powerfully underscored by the Bataan Death March, during which innumerable detainees are raped, disemboweled or—mercifully—just beaten within an inch of their lives. It seems Jack’s number is up when he is nearly on the receiving end of a bayonet stabbing. Amazingly, a compassionate Japanese officer, Lt. Kenji Tanaka, deflects the attack, allowing Jack to live and return to America upon mancipation. Forty three years later, Jack descends on Tokyo to exact a bloody revenge on the men who terrorized him and, as the body count rises, he finds himself pursued by an unlikely

adversary: Kenji, now a Tokyo police officer. The novel is decidedly less literary than cinematic, but that doesn’t much matter. Littlejohn hinges his narrative effectively and vividly on one of the lesser-pillaged events of World War II and delivers a nail-biting thriller. The setup is a somewhat rickety but, like any book of this genre, the implausibility is eclipsed by the deft employment of pulse-quickening action. This is a high-stakes game of cat-and-mouse complicated by the fact that both Jack and Kenji are fully developed, likable characters. With readers rooting for both sides, it becomes impossible to foresee or want an outcome. Littlejohn could let go of some of the loftier literary aspirations that creep in from time to time—especially the superfluous epigraphs—but even they can’t slow this fast-paced, suspenseful effort. Whether the book falters on its own ambition or not, it proves a rewarding read.

A suspenseful thriller equipped with the volatility of a ticking bomb.
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A Writing Playground

J. Aday Kennedy : A Writing Playground

Learn the tricks of the trade. Read interviews of children authors, children illustrators, teachers, homeschoolers and more. There are tips on writing, too. Come on in, read a while there is no telling what you can learn.

J. Aday offers great tips and advice on how to market and promote various types of books. This week 'Italian for Tourists' has been reviewed and brainstormed.

Take advantage opf this fantastic site!
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Interview with Terri Main of Marketing for Writers

* Tell us a bit about your Marketing for Writers site

The mission of is to provide assistance to writers in marketing their writing whether that be selling books, approaching editors or finding local writing opportunities. New articles will appear periodically in each of these areas. Additionally, I have a listing of services I can provide for a fee. However, I want to point out that even with the help of someone like me writing press releases, designing brochures and websites or helping prepare a marketing campaign, in today's world writers have to be proactive in promoting their own writing. This site helps them do just that.

* When did you start it?

That's a loaded question. I started it about 8 months ago and launched it about four months ago. I decided to try to put together the site using a template. Having used web design clients that allowed me more flexibility, it was frustrating to try and hack the template. So, it took me much longer than I anticipated. But I loved the design and I think it turned out well.

* Why?

Ah, the great existential question. Seriously, I found myself helping out a lot of authors in their marketing efforts giving them advice. A few started paying me for marketing help. I had been posting marketing advice on the Lost Genre Guild discussion board ( ) which were well received. So, I decided a website to help writers improve their marketing skills would be in order. It would also provide a venue where I could promote my own services as well.

I've discovered that many writers, even superior writers, find themselves at a loss when it comes to marketing the book they wrote. Since I've had many years of professional marketing experience in advertising and public relations, promotion is second nature to me. This web site helps other writers learn from my experience whether through the articles or through my paid services.

* What services do you offer?

I offer a full range of services. Your readers can find the full list at .

I offer the basic services such as writing press releases, feature articles, author bios, brochure copy and web design. Perhaps one thing I offer most don't is a full range of public speaking services. One of the most frequent concerns I hear from authors results from being asked to give a presentation at a club or some other gathering. These are fantastic opportunities to sell books and get one's name known, however, many are completely unprepared to speak in public.

I offer speechwriting services as well as video critiques of a client's speech. I have one package which includes a written speech and a video critique. In another package, I take you step-by-step through the process of preparing your speech and then provide you with video critiques to help you improve. As a Speech-communication major with 40 years experience in public speaking, a masters degree and a quarter century of experience teaching public speaking at the college level, this service definitely plays to one of my strengths.

* Where can people find out more about you and Marketing for Writers?

The web site is one place. They can also email me at with questions. Writers might also enjoy my Creative Calisthenics site ( My book of the same title will be published by The Writer's Cafe Press this summer, and this web site is preparing the ground work for that event.

They can also follow me on Twitter at for marketing tips and at for creativity tips and writing prompts. You can also follow updates on my personal twitter feed at . We are also starting a fan page on Facebook featuring marketing tips and news. It's pretty stark right now, but by the end of May it will be in better shape

Anything else you'd like to add?

Marketing scares some writers and wearies most of the rest. What I want to do is take some of the fear out of a writer's eyes by giving him or her some instruction and maybe help take some of the burden off his or her back through my paid services.
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Writing Competitions this month- June 2009

Writers’ Forum Short Story Competition.
There is a new contest in each issue of this writers’ mag. All types of stories are accepted, from horror to romance, with a length of between 1,000 and 3,000 words.
Closing: Monthly. Entries arriving too late for one comp go into the next.
Prizes: £300, £150, £100 in each issue.
Entry Fee: £10, or £7 for subscribers to the magazine. Includes a free tick-box critique if you enclose sae.
For more details visit

Writers’ Forum Poetry Competition.
This monthly contest from the glossy magazine Writers’ Forum is for poems of up to 40 lines.
Closing: Monthly. Entries arriving too late for one month go forward to the next.
Prizes: 1st - £100. Runners-up - A Chambers Dictionary.
Entry Fee: £5 each for the first three, £3 each thereafter. Enclose sae for free critique.
For more details visit

Forward Press Animal Antics Competition.
Publish your Pet in 2009 and be in with a Chance of Winning £1,000! This is for poems of up to 30 lines about your pet. In addition to the poem, you are expected to send a photo (of the animal, not you, you vain fool). The Animal Antics competitions have generated a tremendous response over the years. The Animal Antics anthologies are published by Forward Press.
Closing: Unknown.
Prize: £1,000.
Entry Fee: None.
For more details visit

Whidbey Writing Competition.

This contest from Whidbey Writers Workshop in the USA is open worldwide and is for fiction, creative non-fiction, poetry and writing for children or young adults. Up to 1,000 words. I should point out that they have a rather strange - and if I may say so lazy - way of selecting a winner for this one. The judge reads submissions until he or she finds one that ‘knocks his/her socks off’. Never mind that the next one might have divested the judge of his/her pants and woolly vest, the remaining entries are tossed aside without so much as a glance. However, you can submit you entry again if it isn’t selected (try to get it in early, as entries are read in order of submission).
Closing: Monthly.
Prize: $50.
Entry Fee: None - free to enter.
For more details visit

Words Magazine.
First prize: £100 (or equivalent in your currency) in each one
Closing date: June 30th 2009 - Theme "Christmas"
IMPORTANT: email entrants please put "Christmas" in the subject box.
All winning stories and commended entries published in WORDS Magazine and may also appear in the library pages on this website in addition to online anthologies.
For more details visit
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