Scribblers’ Retreat Writers’ Conference Agenda

Scribblers’ Retreat Writers’ Conference Agenda

August 13-16, 2009 “SciFi, Fantasy, Mystery, Inspirational- This World and Beyond”
Linda Armstrong, Charlotte Babb, Maggie Carter-de Vries, Nina Munteanu, Tom Dent/Andy Lamon, Jaclyn Weldon-White, Dr. Thom Brucie, Daniel Black, Victor DiGenti, Jack McDevitt, (Entertainment-Harpist Barbara Anderson)

November 12-15, 2009 “Novels, Short Stories, Etc.” Chris Rumble, Lois Ruby, Len d’Eon, Cornelia Bailey, Rich Krevolin, Julie Grimm, Carolyn Howard-Johnson, Patricia Patterson, Pro. Tom Williams, Gary Ferguson (Entertainment-The Youth Symphony Trio)

Scribblers' Retreat Writers' Conference
“Where “can’t” is not in our vocabulary.”

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