Review: the stories of Devil-Girl by Anya Achtenberg

Title: The Stories of Devil-Girl
Authors: Anya Achtenberg
Publisher: Modern History Press
ISBN: 978-1-932690-62-0
Cost: $ 16.95

Reviewed by Jo Linsdell for The Weekly Book Review

The Stories of Devil-girl tells of a young girls fight to survive. It deals with various types of abuse from her life as a child and that of life on the streets as a young woman.

In an original and powerful mix of poetry and story telling, Anya Achtenberg lays herself bare in this partly autobiographical series of short stories.

An educational eye opener. This moving tale should be used by teachers as a tool. It’s strong message, although full of pain and suffering, is an important one.

The Stories of Devil-Girl is well written and thought provoking. A must read!


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