Review of Summertime by Kim Smith

Title: Summertime
Author: Lynn McMonigal

Reviewed by Kim Smith, author of A WILL TO LOVE, Red Rose Publishing, 2009

Neither Joey nor Laura expected to find love on a strip of beach that summer, but they did. And from that love came many great things, including Laura’s dedicating her life to Christ, and the birth of their love child. A child that Joey would not learn about for ten years, and a decision not to tell the child about her father until a fateful day ten years into her life.

Lynn McMonigal has hit a home run with this inspirational romance filled with thoughtful situations and godly solutions. Her masterful handling of premarital relations and the sometimes difficult decisions that have to be faced, sometimes alone, are supreme.

Summertime, is a wonderfully uplifting story of love found, love lost, and how faith can see us through all things.


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