Italian for Tourists Pocket Edition reviewed by Karen Cioffi

Italian for Tourists Pocket Edition by Jo Linsdell

Reviewed by Karen Cioffi
Author, Freelance Writer

Italy is a country I’ve always wanted to go to. It is where my grandparents came from. One of my concerns if travelling to a foreign country though, is the language barrier. What if I needed directions, what if there was an emergency? Well, Jo Linsdell’s book, Italian for Tourists, covers every possible situation that may arise. This is the one book I would have to bring with me.

Ms. Linsdell divided the book into seventeen very informative sections. The first section, Pronunciation Guide, has subsections including word stresses and the Italian alphabet. The Basics subsections include numbers, colours, parts of the day, days of the week and much more. Some of the subsections in Transport include words and phrases for cars, trains, ships and airports. A few of the other sections are: Common Expressions, Hotel, Directions, and Food and Drink. But, the most important section is Emergency (just in case). This section lists the body parts among many other words and phrases. It even includes phrases a doctor may ask you. The detail is amazing.

The format of this book is simple and uncluttered with easy to read font. This allows for easy and quick access to the section and word/phrase you’re looking for. It is an easy to read and understandable tour guide.

Italian for Tourists includes almost every conceivable word or phrase you would need. It also provides you with the information to pronounce them. The detail in this book is wonderful and thoughtful. It is easy to see that Ms. Linsdell must have devoted a great deal of time and effort to create such a useful and helpful book. If you are travelling to Italy, this is a must have book.


  1. Hi, Jo,

    It happens my daughter is traveling to Italy this summer and I told her she has to get your book!

    Karen Cioffi

  2. Thank you very much Karen and I hope she has a lovely time.



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