Interview with Nadia Brown of Author & Book Promotions

Tell us a bit about Authors & Book Promotions?

Author & Book Promotions is a resource directory for both aspiring and established authors and also promotes literary works by best-selling and new authors wanting greater online book publicity. Authors will find a listing of newspaper and book reviewers, articles on book promotion, and tips on marketing a novel as well as other promotional resources.

When did you start it?

Author & Book Promotions was launched in 2006 to assist and guide authors in their book marketing process. As the popularity of A&BP has increased, we now feature businesses that provide writing-related services such as proofreaders, editors, publishers, etc. It is a great place where readers can discover new authors and for those in the writing community to enhance their online exposure.


An author must wear many hats, which includes being a salesman/saleswoman. They are the ones responsible for promoting their novels as publishing companies today, rely mostly on authors to promote their own books. Book marketing is an integral part of being an author, and it is not sufficient to just be a talented writer. As self-publishing and POD have increased, promoting has become arguably more challenging than getting a book published. Author & Book Promotions was designed to help authors meet the challenges that come with marketing a novel.

What services do you offer?

Author & Book Promotions provides services to both authors and writing-related businesses. For authors wanting greater exposure, a Featured Books section is available. It is a service that A&BP is providing to best-selling and new authors seeking an increase in their online book publicity. Authors are able to have their books featured monthly along with their book title, name, and direct link to where their books can be purchased by readers. Writing-related businesses may advertise their services on our front page side bar and on all of our pages. Their services will also be announced in our newsletter.

Where can people find out more about Author & Book Promotions?

Authors may visit our web site by going to . To contact us, please send all book submissions and queries to

Anything else you'd like to add?

Be sure to check out the books currently being featured. To find out how you can have your book featured please visit the Authors section of our web site. We also encourage avid readers to browse our online book store and purchase books by our distinguished authors!


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