Interview with Hope Clark of Funds For Writers

What is FundsforWriters?
FundsforWriters, originated and edited by C. Hope Clark, is a family of newsletters, a library of ebooks, a blog and a website all about finding money as a writer - grants, contests, markets, publishers/agents and jobs. FFW is nine years old and now reaches 23,000 readers. We've been recognized by Writer's Digest in its 101 Best Websites for Writers for the last nine years.

What services do you offer?
FFW offers four newsletters, ebooks, and consulting services, not to mention all the information on the website about grants, contests, markets and articles from guests. We have become the grant specialist for writers, educating them about retreats, conferences, fellowships and grants that might help their careers. At the same time, we try to dispel the myths that someone can start writing and find a grant to quit the day job. Those just don't exist. So we do an education effort as well as provide resources. Hope's consult services involve anything from career counseling to finding markets to writing resumes.

You offer several newsletters. Please tell us a bit about each.
FundsforWriters is the original parent publication. It provides about a dozen combination of grants, contests, markets and jobs and is delivered weekly. It's free. The listings usually pay 20 cents/word or $350 or more.

FFW Small Markets is the second more popular newsletters. It's the same as FundsforWriters except the listings pay under the threshold of the above newsletter. Small paying opportunities. It's weekly and free,

WritingKid provides contests and markets for writing children from elementary to college age. This one is often used by parents, grandparents and teachers, so it's 2200 membership is probably triple or quadruple that in reality. It's biweekly and free.

TOTAL FundsforWriters is biweekly and is the only paid subscription. For $12/year, writers receive issues every other week, containing 75 or more grants, contests, etc. It's huge.

One of your specialities is grants. Any tips for writers wanting to apply for one?
Research the grant as you would a publisher, agent or magazine market. Grants have missions and goals, just like any publication. Make sure what you do matches what they offer. Each grant is different in vision, amount, qualifications and use. There isn't one way to apply just like there isn't one way to apply for a freelance market. Grants are available at the local level through cities and arts councils and community foundations. They are also found at the state level at arts or humanities commissions. Nonprofits offer grants, and you can partner with a nonprofit to apply for a grant. Grants are available through arts commissions to make school presentations and pay you for your services. Grants to attend retreats are popular yet frequently overlooked. Some writers attend several retreats on grants. The key is the writing project and your career plans, though, not necessarily your need. I'm often asked how someone can get a quick grant to save their home, to quit work, to pay a bill. The emergency grants for such purposes are posted all the time at the website at , but otherwise, grants vary, and you need to study grant guidelines to find a fit.

Where can people find out more about you and Funds For Writers?


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