Interview with Karina Fabian from The Marketing Mentor

• Tell us a bit about your background in the writing industry.
I have been writing professionally since 1995, and have been published in over 50 publications both in non-fiction and fiction, from Catholic diocese magazines to national magazines, e-zones to anthologies.
I sold my fist book, Infinite Space, Infinite God in 2007. I quickly learned the need for authors to market their own works. It's been a steep learning process for me, but I've learned a lot of the must-dos and the tricks of getting myself and my books out there, and I'm seeing the results in my latest novel, Magic, Mensa and Mayhem.

• You recently started a new service called 'The Marketing Mentor'. What gave you the idea for this?
My publisher, Dindy, at Swimming Kangaroo. She wanted someone to help her other authors learn how to promote their works, and believed I was a great choice because, in her words, "There isn't a day when I don't get a Google alert with your name." After we discussed it, I decided to open up the business to anyone who wishes assistance, and she would supplement her authors to take the courses or programs.

• What services do you offer?

One on One Mentoring: $200
1 hour phone consult
3 months' mentoring--weekly assignment with e-mail feedback + 30-minute call
at month's end
2 free classes
Critique of 3 marketing materials (1/month)

Group Mentoring: $100
1.5 hour chat session
2 free classes
6 assignments with forum available for Q&A

Online Classes: $30
Each class would run 4-6 weeks with one class per week and assignments each
week. I am taking registrations for Building a marketing Plan, a 5-week
course examining your marketing options and developing a plan. It will start
the week of May 15.

The 30-Minute Marketer Marketing Newsletter $12: Marketing can seem an
overwhelming job, but there are small tasks you can do to build your
presence on the web and in the media. "The 30-Minute Marketer" is a weekly
newsletter of marketing tasks that take less than half an hour or less to

• Are your services available on an international scale?
Yes. They're all on-line. If we do a phone consult, we can use Skype or go to an online chat room.

• Any tips for a marketing novice?
I have many on my website, Under the Marketing Mentor menu, you'll find some free e-books and tips. However, in general:
1. Do a little something every day
2. Forge relationships; don't just send out ads
3. Give the reader something--information or entertainment.
4. Get a website where you can post information about you and your books. Even a free one is better than nothing, and many have menu-driven website building programs.
5. Find your target audience. Don't believe "everyone" will love your book. Especially if you have little time, concentrate on the people most likely to be interested.
6. Be creative, have fun, and if something isn't working, move on.

• Where can people find out more about you and your services? This is my megasite, so my books are at the top and you can click on the covers for more information. However, for the Marketing Mentor stuff in particular, look to the left under "Marketing Mentor."

• Anything else you'd like to add?
Marketing can be a lot of fun. I've made some great friends, had some terrific blog tours, and enjoy talking to people about my book. I also like helping folks learn to market.
My next class is on how to create your own Virtual Book Tour. This is an online tour of blogs, podcasts, etc. Some places charge hundreds to thousands for this, but they are easy to do on your own. The class is $30, and at the end, you'll have your blog tour set (if you do the homework.) It starts April 20.


  1. Thanks for posting this interview! I really appreciate it!

    Karina Fabian


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