Interview with Internet Book Database

What is Internet Book Database?

Short Version: The Internet Book Database is the IMDB for Books
Long Version: THe Internet Book Database is one of the largest online sources of Book Information according to Wikipedia. We currently list over 200,000 books (over 600,000 different versions).

When did you start it?

The Internet Book Database started as a small section on my personal website devoted to books. It was moved to it's own site in Feb 2006.

What services do you offer writers?

We post their Bio/photo on their page along with listing their books and also link to their websites. We have now started allowing authors to post book trailers and we host official forums free of charge.
Authors can contribute to our monthly giveaway and contact us about being featured or having their book featured. We also offer really affordable advertising for all budgets starting at $5/month

There is a section on the site called MyIBookDB. Please tell us more about this feature.
My iBookDB is where you catalog your favorite books, authors and series' and find people with similar interests and get recommendations.

Where can people find out more about Internet Book Database?
You can visit us at or email or follow us on Twitter -

Anything else you'd like to add?

We welcome all feedback and suggestions and are always looking for interviewers, reviewers and volunteers to help in our mission of listing as many books as possible.


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